2017’s Top Analytics Tools for Every Business

The success or failure of a business has a lot to do with the combination of related decisions, strategies, and efforts placed into its operations. Performing a variety of analytical functions, therefore, is crucial in its development. These functions include marketing, inventory and sales tracking, expense monitoring, and tracing upcoming orders.

Before coming up with all kinds of business solutions and marketing strategies, you must first have a solid foundation of data backing your decisions. This is where business analytics tools come in handy. Aside from serving as business intelligence, it can also show you where your business is headed, allowing you to pursue your business goals with a clear perspective.

Check out the best analytics tools of 2017 that are perfect for every business.


Overseeing a business with a large workforce can be a challenging task for you as a business owner. You need to keep tabs on what your employees are up to inside the workplace, and it doesn’t stop there. You also need to make sure they are given the right wages and benefits. Remember that you can quickly lose your credibility as an employer with just a simple employee mix up. If you’re having a hard time in this area, you’ll find the services of www.worksight.net helpful. This business analytics tool includes the following features: workforce analytics, timekeeping, work order scheduling, and leave management.


Kissmetrics has been a tech favorite since it launched. It gives you information about customer behavior on your website. This entails tracking user engagement, tendencies, and habits right before and after making a purchase. There’s a lot more to Kissmetrics than just visitor stats. You may use these analyses and results to make necessary marketing efforts, whether it’s in revamping your web design to increase the chances of customer acquisition and conversion.


More and more online businesses are getting their hands on this online analytics program. Why? Clicky prides itself with its real-time display of results. But more than that, it also boasts a clean layout and easy-to-use interface. Performing various business operations on the computer can be mentally and physically draining, especially if you have to deal with statistics and other quantitative data. If you experience increased  strain levels when using a certain analytics tool, maybe you have to consider finding another–one that can execute the different functions your business requires but with a more clean and almost therapeutic layout. Clicky can provide just that. It  also shares the same functions as Google Analytics.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is developed and owned by the maker of Kissmetrics. This analytics tool offers new ways to view how your visitors are navigating your site. These include Heatmap, Scrollmap, Confetti, and Overlay. This is a relatively new and unique way to track customer behavior and site activity.


The bottomline is–there’s always a business analytics tool for all kinds of people. And luckily for today’s business owners, these tools are all equipped with the best analytics features you can take advantage of.