Useful Tips for Flying with a Child for the First Time

Traveling with kids can be daunting and before you had your child, you probably tried to avoid sitting next to one on a plane. However, you need to keep in mind that flying is just as stressful for the kid as it is for you, so try to be more understanding when their ears pop or when they get cranky after spending so much time in a confined place with few distractions. Keep reading this article to learn how to try and make the flight as comfortable as possible for the little one, for you, and the rest of the passengers.

Limit the Sugar

The preparation for the flight starts way before you board the plane, and what your kid eats plays an important part in how your trip will go. Make sure to minimize their consumption of sugar and products such as sweets, soda, and juices if you want the flight to go as smoothly as possible. It is a well-known fact that sugar is not good for the kid, but apart from causing cavities and tooth decay, it can also affect their energy levels, giving them a sudden boost of energy followed by a crash which leaves them irritable. Thus, try avoiding sugar on flights to prevent their discomfort and exhaustion.

Have Spare Clothes

Packing a spare outfit and some warm clothes is a must when getting ready to board a plane with a youngster. The temperature during the flight tends to be on the colder side and a thick knit cardigan or turtleneck sweater can be a true game-changer. Plus, you need to be prepared for spilled drinks, smeared food, and random sports your child will end up having on their clothing, so a spare outfit is essential to keep them looking clean and presentable. Websites such as Keilys have a big selection of kids’ apparel such as sweaters, cardigans, shirts, jumpers, and others so you can do some shopping for the little one before the trip.

Bring Entertainment

One of the biggest reasons why kids act fussy while on the plane is the lack of entertainment that they have. During long flights, even many adults find themselves bored, let alone a young child who doesn’t understand the concept of traveling and sitting in place for such an extensive period. Bringing some sources of entertainment in the carry-on bag such as books, coloring books and crayons, puzzles, toys, a tablet, and headphones is the best idea if you want your little one to be well-behaved and relaxed while on board.

Always Book a Seat

If you are used to flying alone and saving money, then you most probably never book your seat and just wait to be assigned one at the check-in. When traveling with a child, however, not booking a seat is not an option, as you need to ensure maximum comfort and safety. The aisle seats are great for kids who get bored easily and want to take a walk or go to the bathroom, while window seats can keep them engaged for longer. Regardless of what you choose, stay away from middle seats, since those are the most inconvenient for people with kids.