Impacts Of Marketing On Our Society

Marketing is often defined as an effort that could help us promote services and goods to consumers. As an example, McDonald’s has shown us how advertising could cause us to crave for Big Mac. There are many elements that people could easily identify when they are talking about marketing. The society is also a community that lives together for mutual benefits. The society is much more than a collection of individuals, but it is also the sum of collective interests and preferences. There’s actually a big impact that the marketing world could bring to the society as a whole. Modern society has certainly passed from the subsistence economy and greater wealth requires a trade economy. People need to purchase hundreds of separate items to make their lives sustainable and convenient. Obviously, the marketing world has been criticised for high pressure sales pitches, high prices and deceptive practices.

However, we shouldn’t deny the positive effects of marketing efforts in the society. The advancement in technology has made it easier for people to deal with the whole transaction process. Dozens of products are available in the marketplace and what seemed like a luxury in the past is easily accessed today. In fact, many people who live in poverty these days actually have better quality of life than average people 300 years ago. They still have house, beds, mobile phones, TV and other amenities. The public is also more knowledgeable and due to the effect of marketing, they continue to have higher standard of living. Also, consumers are more willing to do businesses they respect and trust. Companies that are considered as abusers, liars and cheaters would be immediately shunned by the community. So, it is clear that running an effective marketing effort isn’t enough, it is also important for us to maintain proper operations in the market.

The bottom line is that although we could see some negative impacts of marketing in our society, there are positives that balance them out. As the part of society, it is our job to reward good sellers with our purchases and long-term business relationships. On the other hand, we could punish bad companies and neglect them, or even report them to the local business authority. Consumers should do it over and over again, so big companies and sellers will always honor their ethics. Everyone should do things properly on the consistent basis. We should be able to make a big difference, by doing things properly, so sellers won’t improperly sway our decisions. There are many positives that could cause our society to become much better and better.

As an example, some large companies could do something unrelated to normal business practices by providing significant charitable giving. Businesses may also have service programs that donate huge amount of money consistently to sports activities and other needy organizations. These activities may make a big difference for people who need scholarships, medical assistances, capital and others. In fact, some companies do such an activity out of a pure out, without the need for positive publicity.

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