5 Ways to Get Admitted to Top Universities without Straight A’s

It’s very difficult to get straight A’s and many students are concerned that their less than perfect GPA will hurt their chance of getting an admission to top university. In reality, it is possible for some students with relatively low GPA to be admitted in top schools. There are different sets of factors that allow them to do this. Here are things that students may need to do:

  1. Take the most difficult classes: This is a popular method for people who want to get into a top school. In general, universities could consider that a decent GPA from very hard classes is comparable to perfect GPA in easier classes. In this case, we shouldn’t underestimate the values of class admissions. Even if we get something less than an A, the admission staff could value it as something higher.
  1. Balance risks: It is true that we need to protect our GPA and try to challenge ourselves. In this case, we should make sure that we are able to succeed in specific classes. Taking difficult classes are a favourable thing to do, but we could end up doing things very poorly. It is acceptable to get plenty of B’s from difficult classes, but it won’t be helpful if go overboard and get plenty of C’s instead. This could show our academic incompetence and admission staff could determine our intellectual limits. Although we should challenge ourselves, it is important to make sure that we won’t hurt our GPA.
  1. Stay organized: There are different things that can cause us to lower our grades unintentionally. It is important to make sure that we don’t forget to turn in our assignments. We could download apps that can help us to organize ourselves better. We should be honest to ourselves by making sure that the amount of time we allocate is manageable and acceptable.
  1. Study in groups: If we want to improve our GPA, we should look for friends who want to study with us. This should help us to improve our learning experience. However, we shouldn’t study with more than three people, because we would have problem dealing with distractions. It is important for us to properly build connections with others. Also, we should avoid studying with someone who is less adept academically, because we may end up teaching them.
  1. Delegate tasks: Homework, assignments and paper could significantly affect our GPA. However, there could be more than enough homework to keep ourselves occupied. In this case, we could extend our group study into tasks delegation. Each member of the group study could finish parts of the homework, which can be shared. We could perform some modifications and rewrite some sentences, so that our assignments won’t be too similar compared to others’ works. This is an excellent way to improve our productivity without plagiarizing or reducing overall quality. Obviously, the group study should be consisted of hardworking and smart students who could deliver quality results.