How Teachers Could Manage Time in Classes?

It is important for teachers to establish a proper agenda, so they could keep their goals on target. We should be aware that a few unpredictable events could affect our good planning. Teachers should minimize unfavourable impacts, so they can address their objectives. In this case, we should try to start the class on time and if teachers are stern enough in handling lateness, students will also arrive ten minutes before the class begin. Teachers should try to adhere to their agenda. Many students complain that teachers often tell irrelevant stories and go off on tangents. To make sure that we are able to adhere to our agenda, we may need to write it down. We should have correct assumptions on the ability of the students to learn. As an example, some students could exhibit specific difficulties in learning topics. In this case, we should try to adjust our agenda and rethink our goals. It is clear that no teachers and students who can last indefinitely in the classroom. If they have a class session that is longer than one and a half hour, it is important to have a 15 minutes break. Between classes, we should also consider the amount of time needed to walk between classes.

In large colleges and schools, the walking distance between departments and facilities can be quite immense, so we need to include it in our decision. We should write and announce to students when they should return from a break. It is important to set up a definite cut off time, so students won’t be caught up in conversations among themselves when the time for another class session begins. It should be noted that inconsistent schedules could frustrate highly focused students. After the break, it is important for teachers to double-check attendance. Some less disciplined students could try to use time breaks as a way to skip out. In this case, we should make sure that students that can’t attend the subsequent class sessions could state their reasons. In order to make sure that the time is used productively, it is important to eliminate non-productive talks. During a class discussion, if students start to make tangential comments, teachers should confirm the interesting nature of their topics and then redirect them to the main issues.

Students should be asked to work in small groups and when they circulate among themselves, it is important that they need to do it relevantly. In this case, it is important for students to properly understand actual goals and accomplish specific tasks. Teaching material should be related to everyday events to improve comprehension among students. If possible we should integrate topics with latest news from local, national and international scenes. Some teachers are humor-challenged, so it is a good idea for them to use stories that students can relate easily. In this case, students need to find specific reasons that can support topics that are being taught. This will improve the overall learning performance.