3 Easy Steps to Make the Vegan Transition

It is undeniable that becoming vegan is the best thing that you can do for the planet and for your health. The benefits for the planet are clear and cannot be denied by anyone as the meat industry is the biggest contributor towards rapid deforestation, global warming and, ironically, food shortages around the globe. Similarly, going vegan will certainly improve your health and overall well-being.

However, making the transition from an egg, meat and dairy based diet to a completely plant based food plan is easier said than done. It cannot be denied that the benefits to going vegan are there for everyone to see, but not everyone is ready to make the change.

Dive Right In

Some people think that the best way to make the transition is to start slow and not exclude meat from your diet immediately. However, we here feel that the best way to start your vegan adventure is to dive right in. After all, there is not much point in delaying what you are about do for the rest of your life, especially as it is so healthy to do so.

This is also backed by vegan veterans who compare a slow transition to veganism as going to an online casino such as https://www.novicasino.com/ and only looking at the slots from the side. This is completely counterintuitive as you never know when you will strike gold. What if you observe a progressive jackpot slot and someone else wins those millions while you are sat there watching.

It’s the same with veganism. Why wait and procrastinate when the sooner you start, the sooner you will feel the benefits of the diet. What’s more, if you delay the complete change, you might never make it.

Go to the Street Market More Often

People think that going completely vegan is expensive, but the opposite is actually true. This is because the basis of the vegan diet raw fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts are actually quite cheap especially if you buy them at the street market.

There is no arguing that you can make a vegan diet quite expensive if you buy at high-end vegan stores, but that doesn’t mean that the much cheaper fruit and vegetables you buy at the market are in any way inferior to those expensive, factory processed, vegan labelled products. In fact, as you can imagine, staying closer to nature and going back to basics is a healthier option to buying highly processed vegan labelled products in supermarkets.

Eat More than Before

One of the worst mistakes that newly converted vegans make is keeping their old eating habits minus animal based products. This means that they eliminate meat, dairy, eggs, all rich sources of protein and fats and replace them with nothing.

This usually equates to people starving themselves, not taking enough protein, vitamins and minerals and then claiming that it is their vegan diet which is to blame.

The best way to make the vegan transition is to eat fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and lots of them. Forget about the five-a-day rule and go with as many pieces of fruit and vegetables as you can include. Eat until you are full and you will forget about meat and dairy in an instant.