3 Hideous Online Casino UX Design Choices Users Won’t Tolerate!

Trump wants to make America great again. But what about mobile app design? Who is destined to revolutionize this essential element of our lives? The odds are the gambling business will commit the lion’s share into this niche. Wow, that one was unexpected, was it?

Truth be told, casino software developers Evenbet Gaming are destined to change the world as we know it. You don’t have to take my word for it – here’s some reasoning.

A little bit of back-story

Gambling is the one of the few industries to survive the test of time. We’ve rolled the dice since the very moment money were invested. How’d this activity manage to stay relevant? Because it adapts to the audience!

Just think about it – first there were locations like Vegas that managed to attract pop culture idols to engage the crowd. Then, when the internet appeared online casinos were the first to grab their place under the sun in a new domain. Mobile slots were popular way before Angry Birds. VR tech? Pf… a VR casino was already in place before Oculus Rift was commercially available.

To make this tale even better – it’s the major players of the gambling market than invest into innovation – they build esports arenas, they adapt server tech in order to store and give more data. Their money make the Silicon Valley go round.

Poor UX choices

That noted, it’s still rather weird how ugly and unusable some mobile casino applications are today. Here are some samples that should have been history by now:

  • Too much value: people know why they’ve downloaded a casino app. You don’t have to reassure them in their choice over and over again. Tutorials are, indeed, a fine element of more complex ideas and concepts but there is no place for them in the modern gambling world. There are established standards we are all acquainted with. If your app is not intuitive enough – work on making it better rather than coming up with a tutorial.
  • Poor copy: more often than not apps are chunked up with immense blocks of ugly text that’s not designed to a format comfortable on a mobile screen. In other cases there simply isn’t enough text. Fancy icons are cool and all but you still have to ensure people understand them.
  • Untested updates: It’s really easy to literally kill an app with an update. Code is not always compatible with its previous version you know and a new bug in the interface of even an element that makes game play impossible can ruin a player’s experience. With vast availability of solutions in the market the odds are the lion’s share of your audience will simply find a better place to play way before you fix the issue.