3 Things Storage Containers Are Used for

A lot of people and businesses now use shipping containers for things other than shipping. They are found in industrial applications, as well as residential and commercial situations. Of course, they are also still used for what they were intended: the safe transport of a range of items and materials. Containers are found in any industry around the world.

As a business, you can order a custom container, which is also often used as a type of commercial storage facility. If this is something you intend to do, you should first make sure that you know exactly what you will use the container for. Let’s take a look at the three things that are most common, to give you an idea.

Extra Office Space

A lot of companies now use containers to create extra office space. They can do this while they are renovating their existing office, or simply because they are expanding and don’t have any added space yet. Shipping containers are perfect for this type of need. You can easily expand the size of your office as per your requirement, in a much quicker way than what it would take you to build more space, or even move office. Plus, you can usually customize the containers to your specific needs, including heating, toilet facilities, and more.


Shipping containers were originally designed to transport equipment and materials, and that is what they can still be used for today. If you have large, bulky items, then you probably won’t be able to simply box it and send it away. Instead, you should consider using a container. This will enable you to send a huge amount of products anywhere else in the world. Do be aware of the fact that this generally means it needs to be transported by sea, which can take slightly longer than other forms of transportation. For inland transport, however, it could be sent by train, which is quicker.


Last but not least, a lot of businesses use containers as secure commercial storage. Whatever is in the container is kept safe from the elements and from thieves and vandals. Furthermore, a lot of companies that offer these containers also have storage space. This means that you can get a storage unit on their site and use this as your personal facility. This type of storage offers two specific benefits:

  1. You can have it customized, which is different from other types of storage. You can show the specs that you want, and the company will ensure those are met, regardless of how big or small you want the unit to be.
  2. It is a highly secure type of storage. You can ask for added security facilities as well. Breaking in to these types of containers without getting caught is almost impossible.

Naturally, you can use containers for a range of other things as well. However, these are the three most common uses, particularly for commercial businesses. Make sure that you discuss what your particular needs are, so that you can find the most suitable container.