3 Ways To Design A Pop Up Banner

Using a pop up banner is effective for advertising your company. This might seem really traditional, but it works especially for small businesses targeting local audiences. You just have to use it the right way if you want to see great results. There are different ways of designing roll up banners. You need to choose one depending on how and where you want to use it.

  1. All graphics

There are pop up banners containing only pictures, and no words at all, except perhaps the name of the product. This can be perfect especially if you are targeting kids. They are not yet able to read. They would rather just see images. If they are interested, they will ask their parents to come closer for more details. They might even drag their parents across if they are totally attracted with what they have seen. This is not effective though for older audiences. They might have their attention captured by graphics, but they also need more details.

  1. Lots of words

This is perfect if you are advertising an educational institution. You might include lots of words because you want to discuss the objectives, mission vision, courses offered, administrators and many other points. Therefore, a few words won’t be enough to contain all that you wish to convey. These pull up banners are mostly used in educational expos. The banners are perfect for explaining details to interested students.

  1. A balance of words and images

This is the most common form of pull up banner. You need to find a way so that there are enough images to attract attention, but there is sufficient and relevant text as well. You just need to be creative so that you can strike the necessary balance. The graphics are important to pull people in. The moment they come closer, they will read more details from the pop up banner. They can also ask questions to the employee standing next to it.

You need to research well before printing the roll up banner. You also have to edit the draft design many times before deciding to print it. Take note that expo popup stands are expensive, especially when produced in bulk. Therefore, everything has to be perfect. Otherwise, you will just waste your money. With the right advertising tool, you can sell products and services well.

Once the banner has been printed, the next step is to find the perfect location where people can easily read what is written. It should be in a place where many people pass by, but not so crowded that people would rather not stop to ask for more information. Designing the perfect banner can be a long process, but the results are rewarding.