4 Ways To Manage Your Office Space

Queue on the coffee vending machine, lack of space and bumping elbows with the fellow employees not only causes frustration but also reduces the productivity of the employees. A study done by Psychological Science says that a messed up desk helps in bringing creative thoughts to mind during the initial phases of the project whereas a clean and a managed desk gives the power of good decision making and helps in early completion of the project. Here are some of the things you can improvise in the office to enhance the productivity of your team and employees.

1. Manage and place the cords at their right place: One of the biggest disadvantages of most of the tech offices are a large number of cords placed all over the floor and wall. These unmanaged cords not only gives the office and the cabin a cluttered look, but the cords even break after certain time. Everyone of you must have wheeled your chair over the cords at least once everyday. Right? This creates a lot of hindrances and distracts you from your work by breaking the level of concentration. The simplest way to find a solution to this problem is by installing access flooring.

2. Improve the lighting system: Managing and providing the right amount of lighting in the office is one of the most neglected elements of the office management. Studies reveal that proper and good lighting can increase the team’s creative and innovative productivity and bring life to the atmosphere of the office, whereas, a bad lighting can make the employees dull and disinterested in working. It is advisable that you make use of at least two different sources of light in your cabin. One known as an overhead lighting and another as task lighting. Try making use of modern LED bulbs. They will help you in saving energy, and also, they have a long life. There can be times when because of too much lighting the light may reflect on the screens of your laptops or PC’s, to solve this issue, install f.lux. This is a software that helps in auto adjusting the screen color depending upon the time of the day.

3. Find a Focal Point for your room: Assigning the right focal point in the room can work wonders. It helps the members of the team to increase the level of attention while performing a task for relatively long period. For instance, how about good artwork or printed posters at the side of the computer screen. You can try installing photo wallpapers in the background. This brings your attention back to the computer screen and improves your productivity level.

Let this be a collective decision of the team. Ask them how they wish to decorate their bays and space allotted to them. This way you can boost their intellect and improve the communication gap if you have any.

4. Act wisely while choosing the wall color: The palettes of color chosen for the room plays a significant role in the mood of the person. For instance, try a natural pallet of color and use a contrast color along with it. Neutral colors are relaxing and help in releasing the stress. However, it is important that you maintain and clean once in a whole as lighter shades need good maintenance.Here are some of the color choices and their significance:

  • Yellow enhances creativity, improved the thought process. Red is somewhat in the aggressive tone. It works well when making a decision on sales or finalizing a deal.
  • Orange is known as a social color; it is the best place for conference and meeting or board rooms.
  • Light pink is the most soothing color and is the best color for relaxing areas in the office.