5 Simple Promotion Strategies To Increase Your Sales

5 Simple Promotion Strategies To Increase Your Sales

To promote a product, a business, or a service, you do not have to have a big budget and spend a lot of money on advertising.

Here are 5 promotional strategies that you can use to attract customers, increase your sales, and generate more profits.

These methods can be put into practice whether you have a physical store or an online business, or if you sell your products or services on a website, on your blog, or on a Facebook page.

But the best part is that most of these strategies will not cost you a penny!

  1. Promote yourself in social networks

To promote a product or a business on social networks, it is not enough to create a profile and wait for the fans to arrive.

Here’s how to implement this method and make the most of it:

Create a profile on up to 3 social networks (Facebook is almost mandatory, and it would also be a good idea on Twitter and Instagram).

Do not post a simple link to your products or your business: accompany it with an attractive text that makes your fans want to click on it.

Also share publications of other pages with interesting content.

Show information that makes your fans interested in your product or business (for example, photos of how your products are created, videos using your articles).

ALWAYS answer the questions or comments that your followers leave you.

Create contests or fun events that your fans can interact with.

  1. Encourage buying with discount vouchers

A discount voucher is a tool that can make you not only get more sales, but also retain customers.

The secret for this promotion strategy to work is to limit the time in which this discount can be used (for example, a discount that lasts only 5 days), and only a small number of people can use it.

This will create in the client a sense of exclusivity (only he or she can use it) and of urgency.

How to offer this discount? There are several methods:

Through your Facebook page (only for followers).

Sending an email to the subscribers of your newsletter on your website or blog.

Giving a discount voucher to customers who make a purchase in your physical or online business.

Delivering a limited number of discount vouchers on a street near your physical store.

  1. Send your product to bloggers and YouTubers

This is a method that both large and small companies use because the results are very good and hardly cost any money.

It consists of locating blogs with good visits and popularity, but related to your business, and contacting bloggers to send them promotional merchandise for free in exchange for talking about it to their readers.

  1. Offer free samples to your buyers

There is no better way to attract customers than allowing them to try your products first.

The free samples can be given in the same physical store when a person makes a purchase – this way the client will feel special and will return to buy from you.

If you have an online store, send a sample with each order or allow people to request a sample without having to buy.

  1. Start a contest

Who does not like free things? Starting a contest in which the prize is one of your products or services can help you to promote yourself and get popularity for your business.

Not only will you make yourself known, you will also create curiosity about what you sell in the people who participate.

The best method to start a contest is to do it on social networks.

As you can see, most of these promotion strategies will not cost you a penny, and the rest only require minimal investment to put them into practice.