5 Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

5 Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

No household would be complete without a vacuum cleaner. However, various homes have different needs, and in some cases, an ordinary vacuum cleaner will not cut it. That’s why there are different types of vacuum cleaners, with all sorts of options like cordless or bag-less vacuum cleaners, or designs that are more suited for tighter spots, etc. It’s important to know which type of vacuum will suit you the most because the cleanliness of your home might depend on it.


One of the most common designs of a vacuum, they’re generally very versatile as well as manoeuvrable. They’re designed to be moved around, and since they’re quite lighter and smaller than most other vacuum cleaner types, they can take up less storage space overall. A positive trait about the canister types is that its low-profile cleaning head can reach tight spaces, so many corners and otherwise hard to reach spots can be vacuumed with ease.


Designed with convenience in mind, these small, but portable vacuums are best for detailed vacuuming of tight spots. Maybe not as suited for larger rooms such as the canister ones, but they’re excellent for closets and automobiles. Since they’re made to be portable, there are both corded and cordless variants available. While the cordless one is great for mobility, the battery life might not be great depending on the model.

HEPA Vacuums

The word HEPA itself is an acronym that stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. For a vacuum cleaner to be considered HEPA, it has to have a certificate stating that at least 99.7% of the particles it sucks in it, have to be contained. They’re great when it comes to collecting dust and all sorts of debris, as they get sucked in, they stay inside. HEPA vacuums are most useful for people with allergies but are overall great for keeping your home clean.

Upright Vacuum

Another most common design for vacuum cleaners, the Upright Vacuum is one of the most used types. These cleaners have cleaning head that runs parallel to the floor, above which there’s a section that holds all the particles it sucks in, and a handle above that section to manoeuvre the vacuum with. Best used for vacuuming large spaces, including carpets and hard surfaces, it also can also come with cordless or bag-less options, but both tend to have downsides. The cordless one’s battery life is extremely short, while the bag-less variant might not hold the debris as good as the bagged one, and bags can be found easily. For example, you can find sebo hoover bags over at Spares2You, as well as any other type of bag you might need.

Central Vacuums

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, the central vacuum is a system that’s installed in one place of the home, and it consists of a power unit, inlet valves, a hose, and an accessory package. You install the power unit in a remote location in your home, and plug the hose to one of the inlets, and start vacuuming. While certainly useful, it can take up a lot of space which you might need for other things.

Vacuums are essential to keeping your home tidy, so keep in mind the differences between the types of vacuums; otherwise the cleanliness of your home might suffer.