5 Ways In Which An Apple Watch Will Fit Perfectly In Your Life

5 Ways In Which An Apple Watch Will Fit Perfectly In Your Life

Apple claims that the Apple Watch is the smartest  and the most personalized product that they have ever made. It lets you receive and respond to the notifications in an instant. It helps you track your daily activity, use voice commands for music control and do important and crazy things at the same time. I feel that their claims definitely hold water. The amazing features of this watch gave me a push to write the 5 ways in which Apple watch fits into your life.

  1. Before you know it will be a normal part of your life

Most of us have been wearing watches since our childhood and a big majority of us who have had a habit of glancing at our watches for time check,pulling out our smartphone may be a second step to know the time.

But when you are wearing a combination of both, it is hard to not get overwhelmed by the ease that it provides. While using it,  you will understand that nothing other than the apple smart watch can give you the comfort of wearing the best technology in the world on your wrist. Placing it on charge will be a routine exercise for you and will just be like having dinner or packing lunch.

  1. Battery Life was a Big Surprize

I am one of those who do not have an inclination towards using Apps. Apple watch is the device that I have used the most. Although the company promises a battery life of 18 hours, with my usage over the day, I have never seen the battery go below the 50%. I was surprised to see that.

  1. Talking to My wrist

I have many interests in life, talking to a device isn’t one of them. But when you’re on your own, it is indeed a really big help. Even though I am not sure if I will be mastering the art of talking to my watch, I will surely continue the usage because it’s amazingly helpful.

  1. Siri on Wrist

Seriously, it is fun. You tal to Siri in your most casual voice and language and it will give you accurate results. Apple watch has been very efficient in turning words into text, which means I always carry my assistant with me on my wrist.

  1. It will become your Favourite UI aka User Interface

I was quite worried about the UI of my Apple watch. With all those videos that I have watched on Apple’s website and Youtube, reviews that I have read, I was expecting it to be quite complicated. But it turns out that it is the best that I could have got. Frankly saying I am in love with my Apple Watch and have seen how it has become a useful part of my life, without even realizing it.