6 Ways to Make Cash from Your Old Beater

The car you no longer use that’s seen better days could probably earn you more money than you think – there’s a market for used cars even if they don’t run. Don’t give your car away for next to nothing! If you’re eager to make some money, your ticket to cash might be parked in your garage. Take a look at these 6 ways you can make cash from your old beater.

Don’t go overboard fixing up your car

It’s smart to make the interior and exterior of your car pristine, but don’t bother investing in needless upgrades. Fix what is crucial maintenance-wise. The car must start, run, and pass the state safety inspection. Focus on the issues that affect drivability and safety. No need to invest your time, energy and money into installing an updated stereo system. 

Sell a working car

A scrap car vs. salvage car isn’t always easy to determine. Typically, a scrap car is at the end of its life and doesn’t have parts worth re-using. In this case the entire car is sent for recycling and disposal.

Salvage cars are used to describe a scrap car that has parts worth selling or can be made roadworthy again. If your car is working, you can turn it into cash by selling it outright to auto retailers.

Be honest in your advertisement

Make sure you’re transparent in your car advertisement. If your AC doesn’t work or a window won’t roll up, write about it in the ad and tell the potential buyer face-to-face. This is how you can build trust, and people like to buy from someone they believe is honest. Go ahead and take high quality photos from various angles of the interior and exterior of your vehicles to make your car stand out in the sea of unprofessional ads. This will show you have nothing to hide and help you attract a buyer.

Flip an old car

There are people who make a living out of buying cars for low prices and fixing them up, then reselling them for more money. You can take the used car and flip it too. Give the exterior some new paint, and revamp the interior with new seat covers, floor mats, and a polish to give the car a facelift. It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul to make some quick cash. You could also opt to keep the car to drive yourself if you want to live simply and cut your expenses.

Remove and sell parts from your car

If someone you know is handy with cars, you might want to dismantle your old ride for car parts. There are often valuable parts you can sell to car hobbyists and enthusiasts. Look online at marketplaces where people can buy and sell such as Parting Out and Just Parts. 

Sell the car for scrap metal

After you’ve removed the car parts you want to sell for cash, the local salvage yard will haul the stripped hulk away. Often it can be sold for scrap metal, so you can rid yourself of the car and make more money at the same time.

The biggest mistake car owners make is rushing to sell an outdated car or trading it at a dealership on a whim without doing any research. Instead of making that mistake, look for alternative ways to yield a higher return and get more money in your pocket.