7 Great Websites To Research For Tech Gadgets

Consumers shopping online for gifts or personal technology, should visit tech gadget websites for reviews and other useful information, prior to making a purchase decision. Not only can it help buyers decide on the right technology device, but it can save consumers money through price and feature comparison shopping. With the growing cost of personal and business technology devices, it pays to invest some time in researching the product online before buying.

In every category of tech products, there are numerous manufactures and features that are unique to different models, and it helps to read reviews and customer feedback, to narrow down choices, and to avoid purchasing products with known manufacturer flaws, security exploits, or software glitches. Techies can bookmark these seven sites as excellent, reliable resources for new product reviews.

  1. Gadget Review

From smartphones to smart cars, with onboard AI and innovative technology, the Gadget Review website is an information playground for people who love tech. Known as a leader in consumer tech, from smart home devices and personal assistants, the latest tablets and mobile hardware, geek tech to audio devices.

Writers for the Gadget Review provide background on the innovators behind some of the best high-tech brands we love, and valuable insights and recommendation on home and mobile security devices for consumers. The articles are also mixed with a bit of “the science behind”, including articles on physics, chemistry and biology for the scientific, engineering types who need to understand how it all works.

  1. CNET

One of the most recognized experts in technology and high-tech news, CNET is a foremost resource for business and consumer product reviews, and software. If you want to know about new updates for your products, introductory apps and personal technology, hardware and mobile devices, you can check out the tech review section.

The site differentiates itself from other gadget review resources, by providing lifestyle articles geared at living and working in an increasingly tech-enriched world. Look for tips you can use at work, or at home to balance your need for geek toys and cutting-edge tools with Zen.

  1. The Verge

The Verge is where science, technology and great business minds and start-up entrepreneurs converge. It has a robust online community of professionals who love tech, and is also heavily focused on console gaming, and entertainment. There is so much to reach on The Verge that it can be hard to find tech tool reviews off the landing page featured articles, so bookmark the review section for accurate and helpful insights on new products and software.

Business marketers, C-Level technology leaders, entrepreneurs and IT professionals also use The Verge for updates on virus and DDOS attacks, network security and more. The Verge is also an excellent resource for virtual reality (VR) gaming and device reviews, and offers tech insights for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

  1. Engadget

The writers and contributors at Engadget are not recycling information and specifications about new tech toys and products; they frequently find all the practical information that a consumer needs to know, before buying personal devices, apps or software.

Engadget takes an engineering perspective to virtually every article and review. The layout of the review section makes it easy to filter out results for everything but the product or manufacturer. Scroll halfway down the review section to the “Find Your Product” and find what you are looking for, with valuable objective reviews of new and exciting business and personal technology.

  1. TechRadar

What’s not to love about a site that consistently reviews the latest and most talked about personal and business technology? TechRadar is often one of the first online resources to write about a product before it has been launched, which is valuable for techies who want to be the first to grab new and innovative products.

  1. Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics is the first, historical stomping ground for technology enthusiasts. The magazine was founded in 1902, and has nine international divisions, including one for Latin America and Russia. While many people consider the magazine to be focused exclusively on cars and trucks, the writers are reputable engineers, product testers and designers. If you love automotive gadgets and design, check out “Jay Leno’s Garage” for a column by the retired late-night talk show celebrity and automobile collector.

For people who love to understand how home and personal technology really works, check out the “Things Come Apart” section of Popular Mechanics. Just as it sounds, they dissect electronic devices to give consumers insights on functionality and technology. It’s also a great resource if you are the type to do-it-yourself when it comes to repairs.

  1. TechCrunch

If it is software or hardware related, for consumer or business use, one of the best online resources is the review team at TechCrunch. Writers are consistently on the mark when they provide detailed tech reviews. If you are employed in technology, or venture capitalist investment, the site also provides updated information about new start-ups and innovations that have not hit the consumer or B2B market (yet).

Check out the gadget section for informative, unbiased reviews and information. If you are an IT or technology professional, learn about start-up events and conventions, including the legendary annual TechCrunch ‘Hackathon’, hosted in a different international city every year. Technology entrepreneurs should learn more about the TechCrunch ‘Startup Battlefield’ events.

High-quality business and mobile technology doesn’t come cheap, but tech aficionados usually don’t need any encouragement to jump online and read about products and software they are interested in buying. Remember to share your comments, to connect with other enthusiasts.

If you love ‘all things tech’ and consider yourself to be an informed expert, many online magazines and review sites provide opportunities for guest writers to share reviews. Passionate about the technology you’ve just bought, or a new app or hardware device? Why not blog it and contribute to a massive online community of tech-obsessed professionals? It’s a great way to share and learn about new devices and software.