70 Trades: A New Way for Online Trading

Common Trading Trends

Anyone who has been trading for the past several years must have worked with robot advisers at least once. Perhaps you are even one of those traders who has integrated it into your overall investment strategy. There is no denying the fact that algorithms and automation have changed the name of the game. Plenty of people rely on such things to create steady returns at the lowest possible risk. While this is a great tactic for someone starting out with investing, it will not take long before most investors start looking for a way to take more control over their decisions.

For many investors, this means completely leaving behind the robo-advisor model. It is understandable if someone is wary of abandoning such a system. Luckily, it does not always have to be this way and this is where 70 Trades comes in. This platform allows users to take over the wheel when it comes to the investments they make. It offers a more personalized approach to their customers and this setup allows both new and veteran investors to learn new approaches as well as to hone their skills in a more efficient manner.

70 Trades: The Future of Forex Trading

The name of the platform comes from the belief that a new trader only achieves self-sufficiency by the time they have accomplished 70 trades. The developers want to make this easier to accomplish for new and veteran investors. They allow users to do mock trades in order to test their skills without sacrificing any real money. This ultimately allows the traders to see what should have happened if they actually put their money out there.

It is an excellent platform as it allows users to learn more about the field of forex trading through discussions, educational texts, webinars, and videos. The one-on-one setup is considered to be its standard service feature and it attempts to lead the users to the right path by equipping them with the knowledge they will need to succeed in the future. Regardless of one’s skill level, there is no doubt that they will be able to pick up on new things about making investments.

No Scam: Opinion, Comments, Review

Many traders are afraid of trying out new platforms and rightly so. There are many scam websites that will only rob users blind. However, it is important to know that 70 Trades is not one of these. One of the best things about the platform is the excellent customer support. When one sends in questions and concerns, the team will handle everything with great hospitality. 70 Trades has 24/7 support in multiple languages so the diverse and increasing user base will have no worries.

When searching for the right broker, it is important to look for one that charges low commissions, offers flexible plans, allows customization, and remove unnecessary mediators. Users will be pleased to learn that 70 Trades offers all of these. The 24-hour setup allows clients to work at any time of the day. One can take advantage of the high liquidity, leverage, micro, and macro trading the platform offers.

Moreover, it appears that the platform takes the safety and security of its clients seriously. Trading can truly be a risky endeavor so the concern over these matters is not at all surprising. This is why users will be glad to know that the company offers a protection policy. The setup prevents the client’s account balances from going into the negative digits. Traders, in general, will not lose more money than what they choose to invest in the platform. It is great to know that 70 Trades has a license courtesy of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission as the company is owned by Commodius FX Ltd.

What Users Have to Say

The members of the user base seem to appreciate the varied tools offered by the platform. It has everything one needs in order to launch a successful trading career. Users are free to speculate on the stocks and their fluctuations. Many people also had great things to say about the maximum leverage at 1:200 as it provides enough to begin a great trading strategy. However, it is still best to be careful with this aspect as it can increase the winning trades as well as the losing trades.

The simplicity of the platform must not go unnoticed. Those who are simply starting out will not be overwhelmed as it is user-friendly. Apart from that, 70 Trades truly take the time to walk beginners through the system. The demo account is a wonderful addition since it is impressively comprehensive and accessible. Anyone who is on the fence about trying it out should check out the demo in order to see how the system works.