A Big Transformation To The Face Of Casino Industry – Impact Of Technology

Reports reveal that there are predictions which say that the mobile gaming industry will be worth $100 billion by the end of 2017 and as this is all set to become true, we need to take a look at how the gambling industry has evolved and what role technology is going to play in the growth and development of this specific industry.

Gambling is a process of placing bets or playing with high hopes of winning. Gambling is excessively popular for the positive feelings like the adrenaline rush which can be gained from taking a big risk and this luring feeling has never changed since the inception of gambling. In spite of the number of changes in the industry since the rise of tech, betting and gambling has been a popular hobby and pastime.

Apps and smartphones has changed the face of gambling

The mobile phones and the internet have already brought about a massive change to the face of multiple industries from restaurants to shopping and very soon it will become tough to discover some kind of business which doesn’t have any digital footprint. The gambling industry is not an exception. Gaming through mobile phone devices increased by 80% in 2012 and it was expected to increase by another 86% between 2013 and 2016 and it did.

People are using casinos comparison website to compare the services so that they can take resort to the best ones. Currently, the total amount of bets placed on smartphone devices is said to hit the $100 billion mark and it has also been seen that around 165 million people are all utilizing their smartphone devices to visit an online casino. By the time 2018 comes to an end, the mobile gaming industry will take over 45% of entire gaming market. With this kind of statistics, how do the bookmakers make sure their shops will still be relevant enough?

Meeting the growing demand of mobile gaming

It is pretty evident that it is technology which has impacted gambling by increasing the accessibility of online customers so that gaming can anytime be done through the mobile devices. This kind of anticipation from the customers validates the need for the betting shops to include online gaming to the shops. How about installing touch-screen betting kiosks which are user-friendly, secure and also a flexible choice for casinos? Such tablet kiosks can become a platform solution for betting, gaming and making payments with integrated devices.

The customers can scan their customer IS on entering the casino and get their photos taken for access. Cash acceptors will allow the customer to place bets on the tablet enclosure, before different games are available on the tablet. A printer can offer a receipt to the customer on completing cash at the desk.

The effect that technology has had on the industry has always been significant and noteworthy and the rising demand has pushed all casino operators to offer some form of mobile-based digital alternative for players. The impact of poker, roulette and slot machines will also be huge.