Accelerate Your Career Growth with These Distance Education Programs

The only thing constant in the corporate world is change. In order to advance in your career, you need to constantly update your skill set. It can be hard at times to quit your day job and pursue a full-time course. To enable such candidates to pursue a post-graduation course while working full-time, distance-education programs were introduced. In such programs, students can study on weekends or in their free time. This way they need not quit their day job and can add a valuable asset to their skill set. There are many courses available in the distance-education programs provided by Sikkim Manipal University. They are MBA, BBA, BCA, BSc (IT), MCA, and MSc (IT). The most popular courses in these amongst working professionals are the distance MBA course and BBA distance-education course.

Master’s in Business Administration, or an MBA, is one of most popular business courses in the world. It helps you to understand the basics of business management across all streams and trains you to solve problems in the corporate world. Though the most popular form of MBA is the 2-year full-time MBA course, many working professionals are unable to opt for this form. They enrol in the distance-learning programs instead. The academic content is similar for both these forms; they only vary in the method of imparting the same. You need not be physically present in the classroom for the distance-learning program. The freedom to set your examination schedule as per your work schedule is also available in the distance-learning programs. Distance education in India is gaining momentum due to the copious number of working professionals opting for this form of education. There are also many institutions offering distance-education programs.

Abundant Opportunities Post an MBA

Once you decide to pursue an MBA, there are many streams to choose from. They are marketing, finance, oil and energy, HR, entrepreneurship and so on. You need to choose the stream based on your interest and the field you plan to work in after completing the MBA. Each field has its own advantages and drawbacks. If you plan to continue working for the company you are working for at present after your MBA, you will have added benefits such as a hike in salary and a better understanding of the corporate world, and you will be equipped with effective problem-solving skills.

Due to advancement in technology, there have been many positive impacts in our society. One such impact is the introduction of distance learning. It provides students with an opportunity to learn from absolutely anywhere, provided they have an Internet connection and a computer. With the efficient faculty support provided by institutions such as SMU (Sikkim Manipal University), students can clear their doubts and understand the concepts better easily.