All you need to Know about Connect Digital Advisory Platform

CONNECT is a digital advisory platform that is located in Singapore. The primary goal of developing the CONNECT company was to meet the investment needs of accredited investors. The CONNECT Robo-advisor investment platform allows you to have control of your investments and allows you to make decisions in your own time with a minimum starting balance of US$1,500 (or equivalent). CONNECT is a part of the Crossbridge Capital Group, a company that advises over US$ 3 billion of client assets. The Crossbridge company was started in 2008 having its offices in Singapore, London, Malta and Monaco. The Singapore head office is usually regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

When it is a matter of investing, the focus of CONNECT is usually on you. The company offers its customers a smart way of investing. They will combine some of the latest technology, personalised advice with market-leading research so that the company or person being advised can take control of their investments while maximising returns. At every level of risk, the CONNECT portfolios are designed to achieve optimal returns.

CONNECT is an example of what is known as a Robo advisor software. A Robo advisor software is online software that helps people to manage their investments. If you are a person who is not interested in hiring a financial advisor, then a Robo advisor software such as CONNECT can come in handy. Another kind of person who is capable of using the services of a Robo advisor is someone who typically has been a do-it-yourself investor, and it does not want to rebalance investments, select the investments and place trades on their accounts.

Robo advisors are software’s that have been developed to automatically build a diversified portfolio and select investments for a person. Once the software has invested your funds, the Robo advisor will automatically make the required changes to the investments to align your portfolio back to a selected target allocation. Some high tech Robo advisors have the potential of automatically making the trades of an individual to help the person’s tax bill to reduce. This process of making trades to reduce a person’s tax bill is known as tax-loss harvesting.  If you are the kind of an investor who is a do-it-yourself, then these Robo advisors can help you to build a better portfolio as compared to building the portfolio all by yourself manually.

Benefits of Using Robo Advisors

The number one benefits of using a Robo advisor such as CONNECT is to help an individual to avoid the costly investing mistakes that many people make.  Research has revealed that one of the biggest reasons why many investors get poor outcomes is because of their behavior. Emotions have a way of influencing the behaviour pattern of an individual, and this is the reason why many investors make emotional decisions at the market highs and market lows. Unlike a human being, software is not affected by emotions, and this is the reason why it is beneficial to use a Robo advisor when you are interested in investing as opposed to investing based on your clouded judgment.