Amazing Productivity Tips From Great Designers

Amazing Productivity Tips From Great Designers

Even if you are working on your dream job, where there is excitement and passion all around, there can still be some problems related to productivity. Especially, for a graphic designer, productivity and being productive on a consistent basis while delivering quality can be a real big issue at the workplace. The reason for this is that, first of all graphic designers always have to think their brains out on creativity and uniqueness and for that, the mind should always be free from any distraction or stress, otherwise the creative juices will not flow. Secondly, the minds of the graphic designers should always never be occupied by multiple projects.

There are various mental and physical practices that designers can adapt to in order to tilt their productivity levels a bit towards the higher side if they feel it is going down. The ratio of being productive does not come by constantly working, but it comes when you really have that adrenaline rush within you and this is when you are most productive. Today’s blog is going to talk about various tips from the top designers of Google, Facebook and organizations or agencies on how to be productive on a consistent basis and get back to high productivity levels.

Focus On One Project At A Time:

Like we said earlier, usually designers are occupied with multiple briefs and projects as the importance of visual content has become so high, everyone needs something at some point. However, a good designer can always be great and productive when they focus on one project at a time. The delivery of the project includes a lot of different elements to be taken care of and if you have multiple things on your mind, then they can easily act as a distraction and have an impact on your productivity levels.

Going On Holidays:

A good travelling break where there can be lots of inspiration and memories to find is an ideal break for any designer. Designers must go on leaves at least once a year and if possible, twice. They need a break from all the constant pressure of thinking creatively in order to relax their minds and get back to their original form. Holidays are a must for all designers, who wish to keep a consistent work performance and originality in their designing work.


For any designer, a constant training program is a must. As new technology and software come into the market, they must be trained in order to keep their intellectual and skill level high. Sometimes productivity is also lost when designers cannot operate on new programs or updated versions on their full capacity.

Build On Strategy:

Never take on any project without a proper strategy brief. If you work with points coming from thin air, you will never be able to prove your productivity levels. Always build and work on a strategy so you can exactly find where to head towards and what to think when you are working on your designing part. Hence, having a design and strategy brief is really important.

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