An Overview Of ARC Training’s Youth Jobs PaTH Program

ARC Training offers a number of training courses for people who are looking for employment. One of the opportunities, which is available for young people, is the Youth Jobs PaTH program. It is a great new approach toward employment for the young that is funded by the government and is flexible in supporting young people to gain all the experience and tools they need to enter the workforce. If you are a young person who is interested in getting a head start toward your eventual career, you might want to register for the Youth Jobs PaTH program.

The Youth Jobs PaTH program consists of three elements. Those elements are Prepare, Trial and Hire. ARC Training makes a firm commitment to training youngsters by ensuring that it makes a difference to each and every person so that they can be the best version of themselves. The point of the program is to motivate every student to successfully complete the program and then look for a job. The ARC team makes it a mission to treat each and every individual with respect and care, no matter what their background or character and will not only train youth but help them to find job opportunities via industry connections. The purpose is also to have open and constant communication with each student to guarantee the best results for their success.

ARC Training’s Youth Jobs PaTH program ensures success with a commitment to training people to develop excellent habits through their work. With this program, you can expect the following:

•    Practical learning that is achieved through a hands-on approach
•    An emphasis on work environment simulations
•    Employment opportunities for those most in need through a partnership with Community Housing Providers and other NFPs
•    Recruiting and training for large companies that want to hire the brightest, ambitious young people for positions

There are two sections of the training that young people will receive through the Youth Jobs PaTH program. They are Training Block 1 and Training Block 2.

When Training Block 1 is over, young people who are job seeking will have a great understanding of what employers expect. They will know about the 10 fundamental skills necessary for successfully participating in the workforce. This knowledge will help when youth seek employment in the business sector, retail, transport and logistics and community services.

After they complete Training Block 2, young people will have the right knowledge of the recruitment process within a variety of industries and will know how to navigate through them. They will be able to actively seek employment opportunities in their area and have the knowledge to ensure their career development. They will also know how to create a professional resume and cover letter, as well as participate in job interviews.

ARC is a direct employer in the area of community services. It assists people in need of jobs through a variety of sectors through its Group Training Organization (GTO). The training methods employed by ARC, including in the Youth Jobs PaTH program, have been proven effective in preparing people for what they can expect in the workforce by helping them to develop all the tools necessary for success.

If you are the parent of a young person or know any youth who need these necessary skills for their eventual career, direct them to ARC Training.