Bug Sprays To Keep You Safe & Healthy

Keeping your child away from mosquito bites is a top priority and it becomes very important especially with child who is prone to scratch mosquito bites. You also need to avoid chemicals like DEET which is usually present in many insect or mosquito repellents. Weather makes some changes and people use many products like sunscreen, homemade products, mosquito repellents and many more. Many people don’t like to use cosmetics and bug repellent so they need to learn homemade bug spray recipe.

Homemade bug sprays keeps your child away from the unnecessary and harmful effects of chemicals associated with readymade sprays. Store bought conventional bug sprays contain many ingredients that cause rashes, blistering on skin and soreness. It doesn’t in all cases there are some bug sprays that don’t have any side effects and safe to use. In this guide, we would suggest you to prepare and use homemade bug sprays.

Bug Spray Recipe

It requires essential oils as these are quite effective. You require some ingredients to prepare homemade bug spray includes essential oils like clove, citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, cajeput, tea tree, cedar, cajeput, catnip, eucalyptus, mint and lavender, natural witch hazel, distilled water and glycerin. Now fill distilled water in a bottle and add witch hazel to it. Now add ½ tsp glycerin in it and add 50 drops of essential oil. You can use any essential oil of desired scent. This would smell good and work really very well. This is quite effective and harmless way to protect you and your child from bugs.

Homemade Bug Spray Recipe from Fresh Herbs

You need some ingredients like distilled water, rubbing alcohol or witch hazel, some dried herbs like lavender, catnip, lemongrass, citronella, spearmint and peppermint. Now boil a cup of water and add 4 tsp herbs in any combination and add some cloves too. Mix them well and let it to cool for some time. Stain herbs out and mix a cup of witch hazel and water in it. You can store it in spray bottle. Store it in dry and cool place like freeze may be a nice and perfect place to store it. This would also work well and helps you get rid of mosquito bites.  Bugs can be prevented at your home with the help of these bug sprays. Bugs can be harmful for you and your health so better maintain a hygienic and protective environment at your home.

There are some more interesting ideas to get rid of bugs.  You can use plastic free and non toxic bug repelling band which is quite easy to use on child. You can also plant insect or bugs repelling herbs in your yard it keeps your home safe and pollution free too. You can plant thyme, lavender, mint and citronella near your patio. These are fresh plants and use as bug repellant in a pinch. You need to rub lavender oil or lavender flowers on your skin to repel bugs. You can also buy some useful and harmless bug sprays online too.