Building Good Relationships With Employees

To demonstrate the performance, employees are becoming ever more stressed in the work environment. Pressure and stress related issues become counterproductive resulting in a lack of application, concentration and thereby performance.

Employers who value their staff and the contribution they make realize the benefits of a harmonious team and good working environment for their employees. Many organizations implement employee engagement programs to assist in employee welfare and to identify issues resulting from mental pressures.

Techniques feedback such as 360 appraisal, where feedback is collected for employees not just from their immediate supervisor but also from the employee’s colleagues, sub ordinates and even persons outside the business such as clients and suppliers. Often a 360 appraisal profile will be more indicative to an employee’s true effectiveness.  Having an appraisal from all directions has been found to be far more comprehensive, not only measuring performance but measures all aspects professionally and socially. Most critically a well-managed and implemented 360 appraisal system will reveal to the individual their often unrecognized strengths and weaknesses.

Importance of Decision Making

Decision making is one of the vital roles in all companies, any appraisal system is only as good as the information it gathers. Traditional annual appraisals, if not acted upon are effectively worthless, a poorly implemented 360 appraisal is likewise. Whilst at first glance the concept of an employee receiving feedback from all levels, even those they manage, might be of concern; the process is averaged so if one person is extremely critical and others are not so, the overall picture will balance out. Data collected is confidential and is used to assist in self analysis, identify requirements and highlight training and improvement.

Complete Participation

Appraisals are getting collected from all areas of the business. All appraisals should be considered positive. Of course they can be used as a performance metric but not exclusively as a 360 appraisal goes far beyond an individual’s ability to do their job.  All too often employees can find themselves in positions they are not comfortable with, but they continue on, suffering in silence as to highlight their issues demonstrates weakness and fear. In such a scenario a 360 appraisal will give an opportunity to resolve without the need for an employee to expose in declaring they are struggling. It is widely recognized that a result of a well implemented 360 feedback system, will encourage the employee engage more and to perform better. The benefits to the company are significant, many of the barriers that create a “jobs worth” mentality can be overcome, the realization they can criticize their boss often opens a better working relationship company wide.