Capitalise on Melbourne’s Booming Business Scene with a Virtual Office

There’s no getting around the fact that setting up a business is tough. It’s a huge challenge whether you’re an experienced businessman with a glittering track record of successes or a two person team operating out of a garage. Fundamentally, the obstacles are the same. However, the thing that makes startups different is that they can turn agility into an extremely valuable asset.

A big business, with a hundred or more employees, can’t just up and relocate to a more fertile market, but a startup company can. These smaller, more flexible businesses are free to capitalise on the world’s booming markets because they are able to move right along with them. This is a huge advantage, particularly when it comes to the rich opportunities provided by cities like Melbourne, in Australia.

This guide to virtual offices facilities in Melbourne will explain how your startup company can relocate and start making money right away.

Choose from the Best Locations in the City

Virtual office facilities, like ones provided by Servcorp, are made available on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. This means that even facilities with prestigious corporate addresses are within an affordable price range for most startups. Head over to for more information on the virtual services available at the Docklands, Southbank Riverside, and the eminent Williams Street district.

With a high-profile address comes more interest from both investors and the brightest talent in the city. You don’t have to own or privately lease office space to get this. For a significantly smaller cost, you can claim the prestigious address of the facility as your own and simply pay to access conference rooms and private workspace if and when you need them. You can even customise your mail arrangements.

There Is No Downtime with a Virtual Office

This is a huge advantage because the biggest challenge associated with relocating any business is forced downtime. It takes a lot of planning and even more money to set up a brand new base from scratch. There are internet, furniture, décor, heating, cleaning, and receptionist costs to think about, as well as a host of other expenses.

The wonderful thing about a virtual office is that it’s all prepared and ready to go. A good analogy is to say that virtual facilities are like corporate ‘gyms.’ You can access them anytime and they are filled with all of the resources that are needed to run a business. You can use as many or as few as you like, but you never have to worry about anything beyond this use.

You Don’t Have to Stick to One Location

One of the most easily overlooked benefits of a virtual office is the fact it negates the need for a single base or headquarters. If it suits, you could send small teams to multiple locations throughout Australia – not just Melbourne – and have each operating at minimal cost, from several fully equipped ‘pay as you go’ workstations.

That way, you’re managing narrow profit margins in the safest way possible and maximising your profit potential by accessing a number of different markets all at the same time. This degree of agility is what makes serviced offices a great asset for startups. Why choose to be locked into a long-term lease if you can’t sure that it’ll suit you five, three, or even two years down the line?

Why ‘Virtual’ Is the Next Big Thing for the Business World

With small businesses and startups currently dominating the business world, it should be no surprise to find that the popularity of virtual office solutions is on the rise. In Melbourne, thousands of entrepreneurs are taking advantage of flexible working conditions and the ability to stay mobile, without losing prestige or connectivity. This opportunity is open to you too if you’ve got the ambition and the drive to make Australia your home.