Change of the Environmental Law in Serbia

If country goals are related to becoming part of EU, all laws have to be coordinated with EU policies. Republic of Serbia has overcome the beginning of a journey to laws modification. Some facts became obvious and legal authorities paid attention to following details.

Each environmental law orientates on actions of companies and individuals and their environmental influence.

“Regarding legal entities and entrepreneurs who are in the business of managing wastewater treatment plants or who release wastewater into recipients or the public sewerage network, apart from their obligation to hold an integrated license, the new Law specifies their additional obligation to prepare an action plan for gradually reaching threshold values for emission of pollutants into the water, and deadlines for gradually reaching such values” legal team from JPM law office explained.

Knowing the right information is crucial in the process of environmental protection. People will implement the law in practice if they know what is legal in the present moment. They can find out all about this subject from an internet database called National Meta-Register. By using this resource, citizens of Serbia will find simplified information about environment faster. “The National Meta-Register is an electronic database, and also a portal towards the existing databases and documents containing environmental information from various bodies and organizations. The instruments for processing environmental information and verifying the accuracy of submitted data shall be provided by the Environmental Protection Agency.”


Numerous representatives of government have announced the option of improved informing about the subjects related to environment. Many measures will be used and they will provide information about projects, so more people can get the knowledge in this area. Different media will be involved in the process and their contribution is essential at this point. The presence of media is important for spreading the word about the importance of nature protection.


All these steps have already changed many things, but there is one more project where Serbian law will make significant progress. That is the special fund under the name Serbian Green Fund, which will be organized with intention to finance programs in environmental area. Nature conservation will be considered all the way from the beginning of a project to its final goal. This kind of financing projects will significantly improve the future of all similar actions towards environment. Everything will be regulated by responsible Ministry and authorities of the country.


The politics of Serbia has a strong striving to regulate environmental laws and get them close to EU regulations. All these planed and implemented actions will help in protection of nature in the future. Persistent work on modifying laws will certainly bring results in this area.