Choosing The Best Carrier and Plan For iPhone Users

The iPhone is the top phone brand in the US, and people can’t help getting the latest models, even if there are not many upgrades. Acquiring the latest iPhone model is easy, but choosing the right carrier to pair it with is difficult.

iPhone users can buy the latest models from an Apple retail store, from a carrier, or from an online website. If you happen to choose an iPhone for its latest upgrade, you could easily find one in an Apple retail store. If you are into finding the right carrier with the best plan, then you could buy one from the carriers themselves.

Aside from selecting the latest model, choosing the right carrier is also essential. What makes a carrier important when choosing an iPhone is that each one of them offers different plans. Other carriers may offer unlimited data while others offer family packages. Before choosing the right carrier, you need to consider the following:

  • The amount of data consumed per month
  • The composition of the package (e.g. data plans, calling plan)
  • Your budget for monthly plans

Moreover, you should keep in mind that iPhone prices would vary depending on the carrier you choose. Carriers’ functionality would also differ in various locations. So, if you are going to buy a new one, make sure the iPhone price and the plan are within the range of your budget and are functioning well in your area.

To know more about the different carriers and their plans, check this out.


To have lower monthly payments and to pay off your contract fast, you can choose an AT&T mobile share plan. This is offer allows you and other family members or colleagues to share an allotted amount of data. A 6GB monthly plan costs $60 with a $20 access charge per phone. This package is ideal for families, but in case you need more data and calls, you can always browse retail websites such as Enjoy Prepaid.


T-Mobile is known for its wide coverage and is deemed to be an ideal phone when travelling internationally. Other than that, it offers a new iPhone 7 for free as long as you use its carrier for 2 years. Otherwise, you are entitled to pay for the new phone. You can also choose its T-Mobile One Plan where it costs $70 per month.


Most users of this carrier usually choose the 6GB or the 12GB plan. This package has data charge ranging from $45 to $60 per month with a $45 fee for every line. Its coverage is limited, but you can still expand your phone signal independently with an online service like Top-up Enjoy Prepaid.


The carriers mentioned above are what iPhone users commonly choose. If none of them fits your ideal plan, there are still many carriers to choose. Upon choosing, you just need to bear in mind that you ought to select a one where you get can get the data and calls that best fit your needs. You should also choose a plan that sticks to your budget.