Creativity In and Around Offices

The world is growing digital, and the workplaces seem to be growing fancy, interesting and bright colored as if they were digitally created. It’s truly difficult not to create a home while being able to offer the comfort of it. After all your workplace is your second home. App designers have been leading the sphere of creative workplace with their foosball tables, bean bags and huddle rooms enhancing their artistry. In India the home & beauty service app Taskbob has gone on record as a start-up to state how their office space brings along the liberty to work creatively. These App based startups and internet giants like Google  and Facebook have long realized the fact that comfort level offered  in office eases not just mingling around but also ensures promoting all kinds of interactions—socializing, brainstorming and collaborating. Undoubtedly their offices around the world are truly innovative spaces which never lets their employee experience Monday blues and in fact makes them run towards the office rather than running away from it.

While this cool office culture is growing popular in our country as well, there always will be few around the world to draw inspiration from.  First in the list is the undisputed champion Google with its Zurich office. To the sheer joy of the employees Google has a rule of not keeping any of its employee more than 100 mtrs away from food. Google has walked that extra mile to save its employee from walking those extra miles and that is why they have slides leading to their well-stocked cafeterias. Believe it or not but such offices exist.

And here comes the surprise, while the world has gone all praises for the internet giants how can the architects who do it for them fail to create one for their own. One of the architectural masterpieces at Madrid is the workplace for the Selgas Cano, a firm for the architects. The specialty lies in it offering a soothing view of the forest at eye level. Away from the harsh lighting and big empty rooms this office keeps you half underground and half above ground with view out into the woods.

When you talk about spurning creativity, Facebook has been and will always be the trendsetter. A number of colorful, fresh, and eye-catching design elements come together to forge Facebook’s most creative space yet. And logically they deserve it; after all they have to look after some 500 million people a day from the active accounts. Its California office has huge open spaces to work from, and relaxation areas which have a place to skate and DJ from.

And why to praise only them, big open floor plans and perks for employees are dominating the offices around the world. Amongst many others indoor putting, free-roam Segway riding, eating, gaming, swimming, and gym activities are just a few to name that the cool offices have in common.

Said and stated gone are the days when offices use to be boring and stifling, talk about quirky yet cutting edge design, they have it. Talk about a brilliant view from the office, they have it. Talk about fully decked DJ, they have it. Talk about any of the indoor game you can think of and they will have it. The lounge area of these workplaces probably has more sofas than the Royal halls. Well as long as there are startups catering to the needs of something as small as sofa cleaning, the huge spread of sofas is definitely not a reason to worry about for these big names 😉

Such amazing workplaces leave you with the awe and desire to be a part of them. And now when you know that such offices do exist, it is definitely advisable to scour the internet for jobs with companies like these and may be you get lucky and opportune enough to make a mark.