Demystifying BlackBerry PGP Encryption

If you’re concerned about the privacy of your emails, you’ve probably researched the possibility of using a PGP encrypted BlackBerry device – they are the most effective devices for keeping your communications private and a must-have for anyone concerned about privacy. But you’ve probably had questions about the service: what are these private and public keys, how can a PGP encryption company keep your data safe if your device is stolen, why can’t you download device software after installing encryption, and who uses this service?

#1 Private Keys and Public Keys

When you send an encrypted email, your BlackBerry downloads the recipient’s public key; this is used to encrypt the email. The key itself is also encrypted and can only be decrypted by your own private key, enabling you to then read the email. Without your private key, your communications will be out of the reach of any snooping parties, ensuring your privacy.

#2 Business Solutions

Not only is cybercrime expensive for businesses, costing real cash as well as damaging their reputation if they lose customers’ sensitive data, but many also must meet federal regulations regarding cyber security. Large and small businesses should look for a custom encryption solution from a vendor like Myntex, a Calgary-based company with in-house data centres and resellers located across the world. Unlike many of their competitors, they do not prevent you from accessing their competitors’ sites from your encrypted device, either.

#3 No Unnecessary Apps

Malware like Trojans and keyloggers should be a major concern for users who want to use PGP encryption, as they can spy on your device as you type emails to be encrypted. That’s why the most secure PGP encrypted BlackBerry devices will strip all unnecessary apps, including web browsers, Facebook, Twitter, and non-BlackBerry email apps, keeping the device safe from prying eyes.

#4 Remember Your Password

PGP encryption also gives you added security in case your physical device is stolen; if someone enters the wrong password five times, the device performs a security wipe of all information, protecting you from a security breach. If you forget your password, contact your PGP encryption provider sooner than later.

#5 Remote Wipe

If your device is stolen, companies like Myntex offer 24/7 contact and support, and they can remotely wipe everything from your device, in addition to locking it. You can also sign up for automatic email deletion, ridding your inbox of any messages older than 24 hours.

Whether you’re a private individual, a government employee, or you run a business that requires extra security when communicating sensitive information, PGP encryption is a must-have for ensuring the safety your communications. To find out more about how you can benefit from PGP encryption, visit and find a global reseller who can provide you with superior security. There are plenty of reasons to encrypt your BlackBerry device, including keeping your sensitive information out of the hands of cyber criminals and rogue governments. Find a reliable, transparent PGP encryption provider who can deliver top-notch security.