Do You Have A Warehouse? Here’s How To Make It More Secure

If you have a warehouse, then you’ve probably spent a lot of money organising it so it runs just the way your business requires it. What’s more, it may very well be stocked with valuable commodities that you need to protect. The main problem with the warehouse is usually that it’s relatively easy to enter and exit – this goes for legitimate people, as well as for people with less noble intentions.

Crime is on the rise, and criminals continue to look for easy targets if they feel the loot is worth the effort. It’s time you start thinking about protecting what’s yours. Luckily, there are some very simple things you can do to prevent most crime from happening. Do you own a warehouse? Here’s how to make it more secure.

The exterior

Fences are never perfect – if one wants to climb it, then one will. However, the fence is there to make it difficult; it’s the first barrier. The more barriers there are, the harder it will be. This means it will take the would-be criminal more time, more effort, and may require more tools. The point is this: a good barrier will automatically deter criminals. Make sure your fences are well-maintained and hard to circumnavigate.

Light and noise

Darkness is the friend of military raids and criminals – that’s how they hide. Having plenty of lights and sounds on the premises is useful for two reasons: firstly, it’s an automatic deterrent. Secondly, the criminal who wants to be brave and continue will be under a lot of stress and make mistakes. Using motion sensors to trigger lights and noises are a great way to scare undesirables off.

CCTV works

Not only does CCTV work as a great deterrent, it also provides a record in case things go wrong and an investigation is in order, as confirmed by experts from Titan Security, a security company in Plymouth.

Hire guards

Despite all the other preventive measures, nothing will ever match the presence of a security guard at the premises; he or she can act at the spot and prevent the worst from happening, right then and there.

Often business owners make the mistake of implementing security measures only when a crime has already been committed and the damage has been done. That’s pretty much tantamount to locking the barn when all the horses have already fled. It’s much wiser to be prepared and ensure no unwanted incidents happen at all. The truth is that the initial investment pays for itself; by taking some extra precautions, you’ll never have to dread losses through theft or vandalism, and the lower rate your insurance company may provide sets off your initial costs. Safety is of everyone’s concern – make it yours, too.