Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes When Picking Out Your Office Space

Nobody wants to be bored to death at work.

Likewise, nobody wants to dread going their jobs because their office space is a drag.

For starters, everyone should strive to work in an office space that ticks the following boxes:

  • Fosters a productive and positive attitude: your office space should drive you to want to work rather than pull your hair out
  • Looks aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes, as nobody wants to stare at boring, blank walls all day
  • Remains cost-effective: while there are plenty of bells and whistles we may want for our offices, the fact remains that we must find a balance between wants versus needs for the sake of our budget

Whether you’re a solopreneur working for home or an entrepreneur trying to beef up your current office space, there are so many variables that come into play to creating an effective office environment. Keep the following office design mistakes in mind as you revamp your workspace to represent a win-win for yourself, your colleagues and clients.

Poor Lighting

The seemingly smallest annoyances can make the biggest dents on our productivity. Don’t ignore the importance of light when it comes to your office space: everyone should strive to get as much natural light as possible throughout the workday. On the flip side, nobody can get work done if they’re being blinded by the brightness outside.

The solution isn’t boxing yourself in or sticking to a room with no windows, but rather making sure that you have the proper shading solutions on deck. For example, a simple set of wooden blinds can let you control the light in your space accordingly and help you find a balance between natural light versus shade.

Foolish Flooring

While your flooring may not seem like a big deal, bear in mind that concrete, tile and hardwood can the cause of awful acoustics in your office space. The problem only amplifies when your space becomes crowded or you’re trying to hold a meeting (even virtual meetings can be soured by bad acoustics).

Although you don’t necessarily need to work in a carpeted area, don’t’ ignore what’s beneath your fit when choosing an office space. If you do find yourself in a noisy space, simple rugs and acoustic panels can go a long way.

No Temperature Control

Conventional wisdom tells us that office temperature has a direct impact on productivity; likewise, you can’t be at your best is you’re burning up or shivering. If you’re working in a space where you don’t have control over the temperature, you may find yourself growing miserable as you’re constantly struggling to get comfortable.

In the case that you’re working from home, space heaters and desk fans may be the answer. If find yourself considering a larger space, simply make sure that you have a say when it comes to the thermostat.

At the end of the day, much of your productivity in the office is tied to your comfort and ability to focus. Be vigilant when it comes to choosing an office space and don’t settle: conceding the essentials of comfort could hurt your bottom line over time. Instead, choose a space that works for you, preferably somewhere you can see yourself settling for the long-term.