Fire Restoration And Insurance Claims Services

Fire Restoration And Insurance Claims Services

After a fire has occurred and has been managed, there is a lot of mess that is left to clean up. If the fire was in your place of business, you probably want to resume business as soon as possible. And, if the fire happened at your home, then you sure want to restore your home as soon as possible so your family can enjoy the peace of their home again. It is for these reasons that you need to seek fire restoration and insurance claims services.

Fire Damage Restoration Service Process


The first step that your professional fire restoration professional will do is conduct an inspection of your premises so as to assess the level of damage. They will then cover any walls, roofs, windows and doors affected by the fire for safety purposes. Then, the service provider will then draw a plan for the rest of the restoration process

Handling Items Affected by Fire

First, your professional should check for any items that were not burnt by the fire but were destroyed in all that hassle. These items should be taken out and thoroughly cleaned and dried to try restore them.

Water Removal

The fire restoration professional should then begin extracting water from your premises. They should ensure that every inch of your premises is dried so as to avoid further damage from moisture.


This step involves doing a thorough cleanup of your premises. Your contractor should ensure that every surface is cleaned of soot from the fire. Additionally, they should ensure that the premise is freed from any odor remaining after the fire.

Insurance Claims

After restorations have been done, the service provider should help you make insurance claims. This process is to ensure that you are compensated for damaged property in order to regain peace of mind. First, the company should try and identify the cause of the fire and advise you whether to make a claim or not. They should then help you follow up the claim processing. If the claim is approved by the adjuster, the service provider should immediately conduct fire prevention on your premises.


After a fire, we tend to be weighed down by the stress of what to do next and how to resume order after the fire. It is, therefore, necessary that you let professionals lift this burden for you and conduct effective restoration services.

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