Full EZtrader Review

EZTrader is a leading binary options broker run and owned by WGM Services Ltd. The company’s main offices are located in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company was the first to introduce binary options trading in 2008 and since then their platform has been developed to include advanced features. This EZTrader review highlights all the things you need to know about the EZTrader platform and why you need to choose it.


The EZTrader interface is built to offer simplicity and to allow traders maneuver seamlessly through the various features available. There are easy-to-use features that include custom-built command buttons all in one interface. Executing processes is now faster and easier and you are assured that the few mistakes that occur as a result of confusion are eliminated by the fact each command is labeled and placed separately.

There is also a live feed that allows you to understand the movement of financial commodities as well as latest news that could affect the market. Most importantly, EZTrader runs a blog that publishes timely information and analyses that highlight the state of the market and what decisions most traders are likely to make. The platform is friendly and you will rarely find complaints about the company.

They offer daily options, 60 seconds options, and weekly options for traders to choose. EZTrader also offers as high as 95 percent returns on several types of assets and their indices reflect the situation present in the market. Long term options are available up to six months and beyond, but they are mostly similar to ladder options and come with out-of-the-month prices and great returns.

Trading guide

Traders are also offered a variety of free resources for educational purposes. These include high quality eBooks for beginners that highlight professional secrets of trading. The books are written by professional and experienced options traders who have embraced the industry boldly. You will learn important techniques that can help you to make decisions that are useful to your plan and how to read the movement of the market.

Additionally, EZTrader offers video training courses that teach everything a trader should know about trading options. You will learn the basics of trading, the terms used as well as strategies used by successful professionals in the industry. The video tutorials are easy to follow and are designed to help beginners and experienced traders alike to improve their trading experience and techniques.

EZTrader Partnerships

EZTrader is also a proud sponsor of various leading sports clubs and personalities. The company holds an official partnership with Everton Football Club, a top English Premier League club. EZTrader has also been funding and supporting women football in England in a bid to not only support talents, but also to create a broader network of social engagements that traders can relate with. Their recent engagements include partnership with the Swedish Football club AIK. These partnerships offer both financial and technical support as the company has hired professionals who oversee the partnerships.