Get Help For Negotiations Of Cell Tower Leases

Before a Cell Tower lease come to full fruition as a contract, it often faces a long and arduous negotiation. Often, mobile carrier companies will extend the negotiation period in the hopes of getting the most out of your property. Tiring out the other party is one tactic that may be performed during negotiation so as to underhand them. There are a lot of details that must be agreed upon by both the landlord (you) and the Wireless Carrier (your tenant).

Obviously, you would want more favourable terms for you than your tenant. All terms should be ethical and favours both, with no one compromising on their values. It goes without saying that after the negotiations, your property should be priced with the best rates possible. Having a professional consultant by your side will help you get more positive outcomes.

Get savvy on the topic. Many make the mistake of getting too excited by the prospect of having another source of income that they often fail to do proper research. They would just say yes and sign when they could get more while also doing less. This is what Mobile Wireless Carriers bank on. Your impulsiveness will often cause you harm, forcing you to agree on so many unfavourable terms.

Having knowledge of the engineering and the technology that goes into it will benefit you massively during negotiations.

Common Mistakes

Common mistakes throughout negotiations for cell tower leases has led landowners to lose rather than earn thousands of dollars throughout the leases. There are terms that seem innocent enough but without the experience, knowledge and foresight of a cell tower consultant, it is more possible that you get the proverbial short straw. For example for the rise in frequency of vehicular traffic to the property, new implementations of a larger antenna, the absence of compensation for constant use of the property, etc. You may sign away this right to your property by accident. Having a cell tower consultant to advise you throughout negotiations will be money well invested.

Who Negotiates A Tower Lease Agreement?

Cell Tower leases have their inherent complexities and feeling overwhelmed by it is just normal. Hiring a cell tower lease experts will clarify things will help throughout negotiations and you will feel a lot better about things when the burden is lightened. With the professional insight of cell tower consultants; analyzing and auditing contracts will be easy as pie and make it less likely for you to not miss out on any opportunity of making extra money.

You will also want to take into account that cell tower leases are not ever the same because of the difference in markets in different areas. Having representation throughout negotiations will be the wisest choice to make considering what could happen.

Throughout negotiations, your cell tower consultants will examine each and every word of the prospective cell tower lease contract and will aim to negotiate and or modify better terms for you with their deep insight of the industry.  Good cell tower consultants would have negotiated many cell tower leases and reviewed many to be prepared for a unique situation should arise.

What Can Go Wrong During The Negotiations

Anything can go wrong, especially during negotiations in regards to cell tower leases. There will be plenty of talks covering different topics that are related to the cell tower lease. You can avoid any of this possible pitfalls during a negotiation by being fully informed. After all, you do not want to bring a knife to a gunfight. Unless you have years of experience, it will be hard to get a contract that will give you favourable terms at top dollar. The following should give you an idea of what could happen during a negotiation that causes things to go sour.

Either new or experienced within the field, you’ve got to factor the human aspect; having the assistance of cell tower consultants will make you more confident and prepared for the negotiations ahead. Illustrating my point envision a courtroom and the defendant is just by himself. He’s up against a lawyer who has a reputation for being one of the best in the field and has tried myriad amounts of cases.  The defendant will not feel so confident just going alone against someone as experienced as that particular lawyer.

In fact, he will be feeling a range of emotions namely the following: out-gunned, confused and overwhelmed.  Even if you got the experience you will be negotiating with experts that specialize in this field. Don’t go alone. With the assistance of cell tower consultants, you can rest assured you that you have more than higher chances of walking away from negotiations with positive results.