Getting Good At Online Slot Games – Knowing The Difference Between Traditional and Progressive

Slot games have always been one of the most favorite pastimes for people all around the world. Today, there are multitudinous amounts of online slot game services, which people can now enjoy whenever they feel, without ever having to leave home.

While the many slot games you will find on the linking online casinos hosted by 13wins will indeed bring much in the way of winnings and thrills, it is important to keep in mind the most important tips and guidelines when playing the various types of online slot games.

Traditional Versus Progressive

There are two broad denominations of slot games – traditional and progressive.

Traditional Slot Games

These are more like the slot games that would have been found in bars and pubs in the 20th century. They are generally a lot simpler and easier to play than progressive slot games, and will be a lot cheaper.

They will usually have around three reels, and will not have much in the way of complicated multiplier features, or very fancy bonus rounds. You will generally not have much in the way of complex game mechanics to deal with.

These are the kind of slot games for those that are more casual about slot games, and would rather have a lengthy session using small wagers than burning through their bankroll quickly with the more expensive progressive games.

That is not to say that you cannot make a decent total winning when playing these types of games, you will indeed easily make a lot of money if you are good at making your bankroll last and have session that is as long as possible.

A traditional jackpot is a fixed one which does not increase at all, and will generally be decided upon by the managers of online casinos. While such a jackpot may not be as large as a progressive one, you have a far higher chance of winning it than you would a progressive one.

Progressive Slot Games

These types of slot games built upon the successes of their traditional foundations. They introduced new reels, more complex multiplier systems, and explosive bonus rounds. Progressive slot games also feature progressive jackpots, which although much harder to grab than traditional ones, will be made up of a far larger sum of money.

This is because progressive jackpots are augmented with each person’s loss – a small percentage of each failed wager will be added to the jackpot continually. This means that the more popular a progressive slot game happens to be, the larger the jackpot will be, the most popular of these slot games having massive jackpots.

While progressive games will win you more, they are quite a bit more expensive than traditional slot games, and you will have to pledge bigger wagers to play. Many people will unfortunately not last very long playing these games, unless they have a decent bankroll at their disposal.

Take your time to learn the rules of each type of game, and make sure that you know exactly what the risks involved with progressive slot games are.