How Big Brands Recruit Digital Marketing Roles

Attracting the best and brightest of available talent is the goal of every company, especially when it comes to the digital marketing industry. However, with most companies competing to land the best talent, finding the best employees is no longer an easy thing. Companies that want to recruit top talent in the market must come up with new and more effective ways of advertising their positions and short-listing the candidates, in order to win the competition for top talent. This has led to the rise of new recruitment trends including Sphere Digital in the marketing industry, which are quickly outdating the traditional recruitment styles. Below is at some of the top methods currently being used by big brands in the digital marketing industry to recruit employees.

Social Recruiting

The social recruiting strategy is one of the most popular strategies used by both big and small companies in the digital marketing industry to recruit employees. This method of recruitment is preferred by many organisations as it provides them with a cost-effective way of advertising their positions, and allows them to reach a wider pool of candidates, including the talented ones who might not be actively seeking jobs. Social media platforms are also an important resource when reviewing candidate applications, and several companies are now using the information candidates post on their social media profiles to assess if they are suitable for the positions being offered.

Social recruiting also helps to speed up the recruitment process, as the candidates are able to reply to the job adverts immediately. In addition, social recruiting, especially in the digital marketing industry, provides companies with the best talent on the market, as most of the people who are active on social media are very innovative and tech-savvy, which is a great skill set for the industry.

When using social media to recruit employees, companies have a choice between several platforms that they can use to source the talent. The most popular ones being used in the digital marketing industry include:

1. Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular tools for social recruiting, which is currently being used by several big brands. By tweeting job vacancies, the tweets can be received by thousands of people who are following the companies on twitter, where they can further be retweeted to reach millions of people. This provides the companies with access to millions of potential applicants, from where they can source high quality talent.

2. Facebook

Facebook is another popular platform in social recruiting, and with over 1.5 billion users all over the world, it provides big brands with access to a very large pool of potential candidates. Most recruiters prefer Facebook, as they can be able to learn a lot of information about the candidates, especially when they are making public postings.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another popular recruitment tool currently being used in the digital marketing industry. In a study conducted by Jobvite in 2012, 93% of the companies that participated indicated to having used LinkedIn to source talent, and 83% of them went on to hire employees. The greatest thing about LinkedIn is that it allows candidates to search for job vacancies on the platform. They can also follow companies, allowing them to get news on the latest job openings.

4. YouTube

Another popular trend in social recruiting is the use of YouTube, where big brands create recruitment videos that provide candidates with information about job openings. Companies also use these videos to show the candidates how it feels like to work for them, which prepares them of the work environment in case they get the job.

Recruitment Companies

Big companies working in the digital marketing industry are also using recruitment companies and agencies to ensure that they get the best talent. These recruitment companies receive information about job openings from various influential brands in the digital marketing industry. They then post these openings on their website, or advertise them through social media and other online platforms, where the candidates who meet the requirements can apply. The candidates are then shortlisted, and a list of the best applicants sent to their clients.

Some recruitment companies, such as Sphere even offer a full recruitment service, where they advertise the job opening, review applications from candidates, short-list and interview the candidates, and then hire the best applicants for their clients. This helps to speed up the recruitment process, as well as provide companies in the digital marketing industry with a cost-effective recruitment option.

Networking Events

Another great way of sourcing for talent, which is popular among most big brands in the digital advertising industry is the use of networking events. Several big companies are organising networking events, where they can meet with the best talent on the market, who they can then contact and recruit. Other brands have even resulted to using online networking events, where they can reach a wider range of candidates, while eliminating the cost of hosting physical events.

Recruiting using Company Websites

Several big brands in the digital marketing industry also use their websites when sourcing their talent. These websites usually have a careers section, where aspiring candidates can access information about the latest openings. Most of the companies also allow the candidates to apply for the job directly on the website by submitting their resumes and cover letters. What makes this method of recruitment important is that it ensures that only the candidates who are interested in the company’s brand apply for the advertised positions.

Online Job Boards

Job boards are still an effective method of recruiting employees, and a number of companies in the digital advertising industry are still using them when sourcing talent. These companies post their vacancies on online job boards, where job seekers can find the information about the job being offered. Some forums even allow the job seekers to apply for the posts directly by uploading their resumes and cover letters. Some online job boards have even gone a step further and created mobile apps, thus allowing candidates to search and apply for various positions using their smartphones.


In the past few years, the need for big companies to recruit the best talent on the market, combined with the ever-developing technology has helped to transform the recruitment world, especially for companies operating in the digital marketing industry. With the above recruitment techniques, several companies have been able to land the best digital marketing specialists, which has helped them improve their workforce.