How Freshmen Should Deal with Homesickness?

After spending the first night at the dorm, many freshmen have a fierce urge to return to their home. However, it can’t be done and an impossible thing to do. It is important for students to move on and accept their situation. Many freshmen could actually start to talk how great their high school was and how they miss their mom’s food. It is important for freshmen to accept that those big moments of glory have finally passed. Some people could stay where they are and then sulk consistently, while others will try to make the best of their situation and try to make various improvements. In reality, homesickness can result in a big problem. Even if students have done well during the first year in the college, they could eventually ask for a transfer to a college closer to home.

Unfortunately, when we are feeling depressed, it won’t be an easy thing to handle. If homesickness is difficult to handle, it is important to talk with counsellors, because they have handled similar cases more than a few times. Homesickness is an acceptable emotion. In fact, it’s downright insulting and strange if we don’t miss our family. We shouldn’t worry about it and we are not an oddball for feeling this emotion. In fact, it is quite likely that freshmen find that others are feeling the same. In general, we should make sure that the feeling of homesickness can be handled appropriately. It is important for students to avoid any intense emotion from disrupting their academic performance. Homesickness can be solved effectively if they know how to do it.

In general, we should make sure whether our homesickness won’t last long. We may need to know how we should plunge ourselves into the college life. In this case, we should be able to deal with homesickness by making new memories in our college. We should think that the campus ground is our new home and we need to make it more interesting. In fact, some students eventually get really comfortable with the campus ground and other students. This could cause them to skip going home during a holiday season, because they want to go on a vacation with their friends. For now, the campus ground is our home and we should learn about it. We should adopt the campus community and surrounding areas as our own. We have made a physical move to the college, so it is important to make the emotional and intellectual move as well.

After living in the campus ground for four years, many students actually feel reluctant to graduate and leave. They have established many new memories and even some romances. In fact, when students finally return to home after the graduation day, they could start to feel a new kind of homesickness and they wish that they are still in the college. In general, freshmen should be aware that things are changing and if they can adapt, homesickness can be managed quite well.