How Much Should I Pay For A Nanny In London?

We’ve all seen Mary Poppins come flying in with her umbrella to save the day. Do you feel you could do with that happening to you right now? Your kids aren’t babies anymore, and you want to go back to work. But you’re wondering if the costs are worth it.

We’ve done the research for you and come up with what we think you should be paying for a decent nanny. We want to make sure your nanny gets the job done, is wonderful with the kids, but doesn’t overcharge you. We are here to help with your nanny recruitment.

What to Consider

So, when you’re on the search for a nanny, what are the kinds of things you should be looking for? What attributes and qualities should they have?

  • Behave professionally and with discretion
  • Make sure the child is cared for in every aspect
  • Motivate the child for success
  • Respect the families customs and traditions
  • Avoid divulging information about the family

The nanny is going to be taking care of the child in all aspects of their day to day life. So, you need someone you can trust and who is kind at the same time.

Do a Background Check

This is so important for the safety of your family. You need to make sure you have checked out all other employments, police records, and even qualifications. Be sure to speak with former employees about their experience with the nanny in question.

It’s also a good idea to check where they are from. You may have some strong customs in place, and someone from abroad may see things differently to you. As long as you are open to other cultures, this shouldn’t be an issue.

You can verify how much they were getting paid in an old position, so you know that what they are asking for is a fair price for their work.

Compare Costs

Take a browse over the internet to see what others are offering out there. Some nannies charge by the hour, and per week. And, of course, you need to take into consideration how much experience they have.

You will find all kinds of prices, but do you want to trust your children with the cheapest option? Probably not. You may feel like giving the newcomers a chance. And this is fine. But do your research beforehand as you are putting a lot of trust into this person.

Nannies Per Hour

This is the best choice if you are going to be running a flexible schedule and aren’t sure what the hours will be. Maybe one week you will need them in the mornings, and another in the evenings. Or perhaps just every few days.

When a schedule isn’t fixed, paying by the hour is the way to go. You can pay anything between £9-£15 depending on experience. However, if you need one with special qualifications, then you are looking at £15-£20 per hour.

It all depends on your needs and if you want something with a lot of experience or just a little. Special qualifications include a maternity nanny or a governess. So, think about what your needs are before deciding.

Nannies Per Week

If you know that you will need someone for the whole week regularly, then this option would work best. You will have a regular person that your child sees every day and will become familiar with them. This is great for them to build up a bond.

The rates by week depend a lot upon how many hours they will work and how many children you have. They may also consider the age of your kids and the kinds of duties they will do. You can pay anything between £400-£500 per week for experience, and up to £600 if you’re asking for a lot of work.

The costs may seem high to you, but remember, London is an expensive place to live, so people need to earn well.

Live-in Nanny

If you choose to have a nanny live with your family 24/7, then you will see the figures go down. As you are providing them a home and all their food, you can expect to pay on average £314. Make sure you have the space for this and that everyone is comfortable with the situation.

The Bottom Line

Taking into consideration the hours, kind of work, experience, and all the other factors, we hope we have given you a bit of help. The costs are averages, and you may find something a little less or a bit more expensive.

Don’t just try to save money, though. Think about the well-being of your family and the fact that they’re going to spend a lot of time with this person. We hope you find your Mary Poppins!