How Plastics Can Be Made Less Harmful?

Probably we all got to know that plastic has become a great threat to environment and we all will be feeling guilty as we are not able to stop the usage of plastic in our daily lives.

Here are some solutions where you can still manage to use plastic bags and reduce the effect of it on environment.

Chemical Composition of Polypropylene:

Plastic which is also called as polypropylene is made of polyethylene which comprises chains of ethylene monomers. Ethylene can be obtained from natural gas. Petroleum also forms a source for ethylene as well.

Industrial Packaging:

In industrial packaging of polypropylene, the quality of it is divided into 2 types and they are low density and high density with resin identification codes, 4 and 2 respectively. Later for coloring purpose all other additives are added. Generally in industries these plastic bags are prepared by a method called blown film extrusion.

Alternate Options to Polypropylene Bags

These days as the usage of polypropylene is getting increased graphically and as it’s becoming a threat to environment, some industries are taking a different approach in manufacturing these plastic bags. Some plastic bags these days are made of vegetable based bio plastic which decays organically and thus, preventing the produce of toxic plastic bags and preventing the loss to natural environment.

Polypropylene can also be made of degradable polyethylene film and from polylactic acid. These two chemicals are derived from lactic acid.

However, sources say that this type of industrial making is also not been very helpful as not all the plastic bags decompose in the lands. Mostly these types of bags are used for recycling process and again this recycling process is different from general plastic bags recycling method.

How to Select the Perfect Polypropylene Bag?

There are many suggestions out there from sources, but first will start how to check if it’s a good quality one by considering a general plastic bag.

  • Check the handle of the plastic bag; generally it should be of same size and height.
  • Check the gussets in the sides. If the size and shape is not matching perfectly, it’s of a bad quality
  • Check for the transparency of any image if printed. You can easily judge by checking the transparency.
  • The seals of the bag at the handle side and bottom side should be checked. It is used to judge the strength of the bag.

These are generally preferred factors for ensuring the quality of polypropylene bag.

Paper Laminated Polypropylene Bag

There is another type of polypropylene bag which is mostly preferred these days, it is termed as paper laminated polypropylene bag.

It’s mostly preferred because of the advantages they provide:

Here, the generally used plastic bags is laminated with a paper to improve certain properties of the material such as durability for transportation and storage purposes, strength to avoid tear and moisture problem etc. These bags are resistant to the adverse conditions of the weather, which is not in the case of a regular paper bag. These are not only being water resistant, but chemical resistant too and avoid effect because of various acids too.

This can be very eye catching too as lamination gives a very special look to it and can be used for advertising purpose too. This type of paper laminated polypropylene bag works without compromise regardless the state of the goods used for packing purpose.

Generally, people suggest preferring paper bags over plastic bags for eco friendly purpose. But, practically sometimes it doesn’t reach the capacity of our needs. So, most of the times we reach at a conclusion,  that laminated polypropylene bag is best as it can be reused many times.

Consider above things when you are going to buy these bags. If you want to know more about plastic bags then you can search woven polypropylene bags online.