How Students Should Communicate with One Another?

Communication is one of many basic skills that students should have. It is essential if they want to get along with their friends. A good communication skill should allow students to maintain peace. In general, students should have good understanding towards others and allow friends to occupy their own space. They should be aware of specific boundaries and try to compromise, when something needs to be settled. Roommates should have open communication and if multiple small problems are not discusses properly, they could grow into a bigger one. It is important to consider when something wrong is happening. There a few things that can annoy friends, as an example, if someone eats and drinks everything in the mini-fridge without asking for permission. In general, students should deal with this problem in a non-threatening and tactful way. However, if problems continue for many weeks, someone could eventually explode in anger. In this case, it is important for students to understand about specific boundaries.

Students should know which items that are considered private properties and things that can be shared. In many cases, it is acceptable to share food and drinks; but borrowing each other’s toiletries and clothes can be off limits. In order to prevent conflicts, students should be quite clear about things that they like and don’t like. When informing about such a thing, students should make sure that they can be polite and non-intrusive. Other students won’t be offended if we are able to inform boundaries and rules in a friendly way. We should also encourage other students to reveal their own boundaries that we can’t violate. This will eventually form a common understanding. We should be in a much better situation if we can agree on many things. No matter how small our dorm room is, there should be enough space for everyone, if understanding and commitments are shared. Students need to maintain their private space, especially if other students tend to be intrusive.

When rules are not informed properly, it’s possible for people to have a really huge bad day. Students often face different difficult situation, without handling a bad friend in the college. They could use up remaining free minutes on their smartphone, failed an important exam or breaks up with a lover. In this case, good friends should be able to show some understanding and give more space. In some cases, friends need to be heard and we should listen to their problems. If our friends want to go to the library and want to be alone; then we shouldn’t insist them to join us for dining out in nearby eating places.

It has been discovered that friendship and romance issues are top problems that affect students in schools and colleges. In this case, students should identify their present conflicts with other students and look for ways to solve them. Problems could eventually be magnified if they are unable to find good solutions.