How To Behave At A Casino

Casinos are fun places, and most of us will end up gambling in one at one point or another in our lives. That doesn’t make us all experiences gamblers, though – many of us will just be stopping by a casino while on vacation, or spending a day or two in Las Vegas for bachelor party. So when we stroll into the casino, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. It may seem like everyone there has their own secret language and culture that you aren’t a part of. It may seem like it would be easy to embarrass yourself in this place where drinks flow freely and so much is done in accordance with some secret etiquette.

The truth is, though, that casino etiquette is no secret. It’s something that each of us can learn and abide by. Here’s how to behave the next time you’re in a casino.

Know your game

Are you ready to gamble? If so, make sure that you know the rules of your game. Playing with beginners isn’t much fun, because they can slow down the game and even sometimes disrupt it. Be considerate: if you don’t yet know how to play a game, avoid that game and go play something else. Consider learning a few games ahead of time, before you get to the casino, so that you don’t just end up playing the slot machines all night.

There’s another reason to make sure you understand any game you play, of course: you don’t want to lose too much money! Some players might be more than happy to play with a beginner, but they’re unlikely to be doing so out of the kindness of their heart. You’re likely to lose money at the casino no matter what, but you’ll lose a lot more of it a lot faster if you insist on playing games that you don’t truly understand.

Tip your dealers

If there’s bit of casino etiquette to make sure you know before you head out to gamble, it’s how to tip your dealer.

There’s no general rule on casino tipping, because it varies so much from casino to casino. At lower-end casinos, tipping isn’t as common – but don’t be “that guy” or girl. Make sure you always tip, even if it’s only a little bit. Tipping around $5 an hour is a decent standard, and you should tip whether you win or lose. If you win big, it’s always nice to throw in a little extra.

You tip casino dealers with the chips from their casino – just slide the chip to them and thank them. In some games, you can also tip by placing a bet for the dealer. Place the dealer’s bet next to yours and make sure they know that the bet is for them. If it’s a winning bet, the dealer gets the chip you bet and the winnings.

Stay (relatively) sober

Drinking at a casino is fun, but if you over-imbibe you will most definitely regret it. Hangovers are no fun, but they’re even less fun when you wake up a few thousand dollars poorer!

A drunk gambler is an easy mark for a savvy player, and it’s easy enough to lose to the house even when you’re sober. Being drunk makes it easier to forget about your limits – you may find yourself running back to the ATM, feeling confident thanks to all of those shots.

And being excessively drunk at a casino means your casino etiquette is likely to go out the window, too. Will you remember to tip the dealer when drunk? You had better, because dealing with a drunk customer is a real chore. And who wants to play with a belligerent drunk? Nobody – except maybe the sort of players who just want to take advantage of you.

Have fun!

If you know how to tip your dealer and you’re wise enough to stay sober and play games you understand, then you can be pretty sure that you won’t embarrass yourself during your time at the casino. So relax! There are more extensive guides to casino etiquette out there, but what we covered here is more than enough for a casual gamer. Remember that you’ve come to the casino to have fun, and try to just enjoy your time! Everyone else will be there to have fun, too, so just be polite and enjoy yourself.