How to Choose a Qualified Solar Installer

A solar installation project is a lifetime investment. Accordingly, apart from selecting the best solar panel on the market, you need the best solar installer as well. The market is flooded with many companies who offer installation, so what are the factors that distinguish the best solar installer from the rest?

Skill and Experience

A professional solar installer should be registered under a recognized board of practitioners with the certification to prove it. Make sure to carry out a background check of their performance records and reviews or ask them to show you their previous work. When making your choice, you may come across companies who are involved in other activities such as construction and design. This is an indication that solar installation is simply a part of their operations. Your main aim is to find the best like Brooklyn SolarWorks, who specialize in solar installation services only.

Insurance Policies and Licenses

The best solar installer should have the necessary insurance policies. Liability insurance, an important factor in the process, caters to any damages that may occur during installation. Ensure that the solar installer has all the required licenses and certifications required by law. These include electrician and general contracting licenses as well.

How is their Reputation?

Former clients of the solar installer are the best people to tell you about their professionalism and workmanship. The company should have no qualms providing you with a list of projects they have completed. Conduct meetings with those clients and if possible, ask them to show you their installations and processes.

Legitimate Workmanship Warranty

A workmanship warranty is a cover provided by a solar installer to account for mistakes that may occur during installation and future damages. The best companies should provide you with a contract that stipulates the length of the warranty.  Most high-quality projects come with an average warranty of 15-20 years. It is easier to work with a solar installer who provides this warranty to ensure quick responses to future inspection and repair calls.

Transparency and Trustworthiness

The solar installer should establish a good working relationship considering they spend a reasonable amount of time working on your home. They should provide details of each new person that is going to participate in the project. Before commencement, installers should take their time to explain to you how the solar installation works and why it is best suited for your house. There should be a clear understanding of the overall cost of the project and any other expenses that may arise. Make sure that the solar installer sticks to the stipulated budget.

Choosing the best solar installer ensures that you get optimum results from your solar panels for the foreseeable future. A poorly installed system can be frustrating and inconvenient.  Save yourself this trouble by doing your research and hiring professional installers.