How to Create Video Content That Converts

You might not realize just how much, but video impacts a considerable chunk of our lives. From the television screen in the living room to the smartphones that we bring around with us wherever we go, we watch videos all the time and consume the information that is being delivered to us all the time.

And now, more than ever, videos have a huge impact on viewers worldwide. Thus, it is no surprise that videos are often at the tip of the spear of every social and digital media marketing campaign. As a matter of fact, research conducted recently by Cisco determined that by this year (2020), 82% of all content on the Internet will be video.

While you may not have a substantial amount of resources like big companies and brands have, don’t worry. You can still produce high-quality video content that converts. Here are some useful tips to help you do that:

How to Create a Video That Converts

1) Identify your goal and work towards it

First off, you need to determine what you want your video to achieve. Is it to raise user engagement? Do you want the viewers to interact with it? Or perhaps, you would like them to take a specific action in order to produce more conversions?

Before diving headlong into creating the video, you must set specific goals. And then, each and every step of the video-making process must be well suited to attain the said objective successfully.

2) Know your audience

In order to connect and engage with your target audience, you must know who they are first. The more information that you have about your audience, the easier it will be to reach them through your video content. Are you targeting baby boomers that are interested in real estate? Is your target audience athletes that want to find useful ways to grow their muscles? Or are you focused on targeting young kids that are looking for the next trendy toys? These are the kind of questions that you need to get answers to first. Adapt your video content to the information that you have gleaned about your target audience to better carry your brand’s message to them.

If you have already identified who your audience is, you can also use targeted ads to promote your video content or place your videos on prominent advertising platforms and marketplaces, such as, Google Adsense, Airpush, and others. This way, you can drive more views and potential clients to your website, thereby increasing the chances for higher conversions.

3) Produce unique and original content

Video works at its very best when it delivers something that the audience has never seen before. And while this can arguably be the trickiest part of the process, you can help yourself by knowing who it is you are making the video for. This way, if you are well aware of your target audience, you will know how to “play” on their emotions in a way that can lead to a higher likelihood of conversion.

There are plenty of ways to create video content that can possibly go viral. Whether it’s exploring different perspectives to shoot from or trying out a provocative script, start trying to push the envelope further and see what your boldness can result in.