How To Hire The Best Drivers For Your Fleet

You have to manage a fleet – and this means you will want several aspects of your fleet to be in perfect working condition. You’ll want vehicles that can handle the road and that are both efficient and reliable. You’ll want a working plan that can be executed for maximum profit. And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll want drivers who are not only completely qualified for the job at hand, but are also motivated enough to help make your enterprise grow. It’s not always easy to find the right people. Here are some tips on how to hire the best drivers for your fleet.

Go with experience

Maybe you have an experienced driver on the HR team with many years of being on the road under his or her belt – if so, that’s wonderful. If not, get an experienced driver to interview the new potential driver before making a decision. There’s nothing like a veteran to gauge whether the new one has what it takes, and to see if that person might be right for the job. At the very least you’ll see whether the person has the basic skills and basic attitude requirements.

Put them to the test

You’ll want to know that the driver can demonstrate the skills required on the road – backing up, smoothly accelerating through the gears, breaking with ease, hooking and unhooking, proper parking, and so on. There’s nothing wrong with letting your potential new driver go through a practical interview to evaluate those important issues.


Once you’ve decided on a new driver, ensure a proper training programme. Once that is completed, it’s a good idea to have a manager follow the driver on the road – without informing the driver. This follow up gives invaluable information about the driver’s behaviour and will inform you not only about their driving skills, but also adherence to company policy. You can also make use of GPS tracking devices, CCTV cameras on the vehicle, and so on, just like those from – just to make doubly sure.


On a periodic basis (after 90 days, for example), sit down with the driver and go through a review. Address any concerns you and the driver might have. This could be an informal interview or it could happen in a more formal setting.

The fact is that, if you want the best there is, you may have to spend a little more – it’s also a fact that the extra money you pay is usually worth it. The little amount of salary increase is often offset by the large amount of savings you get over the long term. It’s also true that the various testing phases may require some time – again, it’s all about investing into the future. You want the best, and the best means it’s not the cheapest option on the market. But when it comes to safety and efficiency, you need the best.