How To Improve Your Marketing Performance With Landing Page

Landing page is page designed to obtain some information from the visitors. Usually, the landing page contains a form that is used to obtain the leads from the visitors. To get people to fill in their information in the lead form, your landing page must be targeted towards your audience. One way to entice people into signing up is to provide freebies like free e-books, free webinars and etc. The reason why you should create landing pages is that it can help you to quickly generate a lot of leads.

You will be able to track the demographic data of the visitors as they complete the form in the landing page.  By evaluating the demographic data, you will be able to understand the visitor type and know which visitors are more interested in your offer. Tracking the landing page also allows you to perform comparison on the different marketing offers that you are offering on the landing page. The content of the landing page can be used as part of your marketing campaign in other channels. For example, you can share the landing page on different social media networks.

To create a landing page, you can use a cross channel marketing software like MDirector landing page software. With MDirector, you can customize the landing page with the headline, keywords and social links. When creating a landing page, you must provide clear explanation on the offer value. To make it easy for visitors to understand your landing page offer, you can create a list of the most important highlights by using bullet points. You can blend in some keywords into the landing page content and headline naturally.

To prevent the visitors from getting distracted, it is advised that you don’t display any navigation bar on it. You can include some images to let the visitors have an idea on what types of products you are offering. To increase the conversion rate, you will want to consider performing A/B testing. With A/B testing, you can improve conversion rates even with fewer prospective customers. It allows you to track all kinds of metrics on the landing page such as CTR, and traffic.

The A/B testing can be used to test different parts of the landing page including headlines, images and videos. It can be used to test various versions of the landing page. In A/B testing, cookies are being used to track the visitors. You can create a landing page for each of the idea that you have about directions you proposed in your marketing campaign.

To achieve effective A/B testing, it is recommended that you don’t run multiple test at one time. You should just focus on one test otherwise it can be confusing for you to evaluate the tracking result. You should just test a single variable every time you run the A/B testing. All kinds of elements can be tested including call to action, email address, background color, buttons, and etc. both big and minor changes to the landing page can be tested through A/B testing.