How To Properly Choose A Security Guard For Your Business

The benefits of employing security personnel for your business are well-known; a guard can provide peace of mind, help deter crime, handle unruly people when necessary, aid in customer service, and help monitor personnel and visitors. The advantages are numerous. However, selecting your security personnel is no laughing matter – often, they are entrusted with access to secure locations and given sensitive information as well. Here, then, is a short list on how to choose a security guard for your business, the proper way.

Know your needs

Just like when hiring other personnel, it pays to understand what exactly you and your business need. You wouldn’t hire an electronic engineer if you need a wall built – similarly, you’d want to hire the security guard that fits the profile of the needs of your business. Check the security flaws of your business and list the requirements and credentials of the ideal security guard who can provide the most benefit.

Check their training and experience

Ask for a resumé or CV. Where have they worked before, and what experience do they have? You may want to consider hiring people with a military or policing background, as they have already had an enormous amount of training and experience under their belt. Ex-security forces or ex-soldiers often come highly recommended because of their knowledge in the art of self defense and their high sense of professionalism as well.

Ask for references

Above all, a security guard must have a high sense of integrity; a security guard must be trustworthy – and having previous employers or other references testify to that goes a long way. In fact, good security guards will be proud of their previous employments and their accomplishments, and will be more than willing to provide them to boost their chances of getting hired. Security starts with good moral character.

Do the interview personally

Often, security personnel are hired through an agency or via references. Whilst this is a good way to start, it pays to take your time and get to know the security guards one by one. There’s nothing better than to interview a person, make eye contact, and get a sense of a person’s character and attitude through a personal interview. An added bonus is that you can take them on a tour around the facility and explain to them exactly what your security needs are. A good security guard will ask questions and make suggestions – and will point out security flaws you may have overlooked.

A good security guard is an invaluable asset to a business, but great care must be taken to select the right one for your needs. If you are looking for security guards Oxfordshire or security guards for other areas, you can always turn to the experts at