How to Rejuvenate Our SEO Performance?

Our website may have undergone SEO campaign, but it was more than a couple of years ago. In reality, SEO should be considered as a continuous effort. We should be able to rejuvenate our SEO performance by re-examining our website. As an example, we could check whether our 404 Error page is suitable. Our first step is to make sure that we are able to minimize the incidence of users getting 404 Error Pages. We should be able to modify the page to minimize its negative effects. In this case, we may need to add more informative content in our 404 error page. We could provide recommendations of related pages in our website, so people won’t leave our website immediately after getting 404 Error page.

In this case, we should be able to blog for business. Each blog post should be considered as an opportunity to connect and communicate with loyal clients. Many websites have rather boring presentation and they hardly add new content in their website. It should be quite easy to add a blog section for our website. As an example, we could add a new module for our website, alternatively, we may also add a sub-domain. A website without new, fresh content will eventually die a slow death. This is particularly true if we have stopped performing SEO campaign. Just like with our primary websites, we will need to promote our blogs by creating RSS feeds and place them into blogging directories.

After creating a blog section, we should make sure that we are able to write articles properly. In this case, we need to become an expert in the industry. Writing article should be a good way to gain proper recognition as experts in our domain. Fresh content will allow us to gain additional traffic and it is possible for us to build quality links. Blog posts should be submitted to submission websites. This will allow our new blogposts to get indexed more quickly. Although submission websites won’t contribute in increasing ranks of our webpages, they will be added into search engines index faster.

When re-evaluating SEO performance, we should make sure we reduce our dependence on search engines. In this case, we should get social and build significant presence in social networks. Popular Facebook groups are read by thousands of people each day and if we are able to create a dynamic group, we could invite people to visit our websites. Many popular YouTube uploaders could get millions of views for each video they upload. Once we get more than 10,000 views for each of our video, we could start to invite people to visit our website to get more content. This will allow us to gain traffic other from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Twitter could also offer us additional traffic and we need to use very interesting title and sentences to attract attention.