How To Use Agile To Make An App That Will Win-Over The Users

Mobile app development presents a number of challenges as compared with those faced when developing desktop applications. When you’re developing a mobile app, you have to face several unique obstacles, such as short development and life cycles, working with limited hardware, and meeting user demands that change frequently. You must also be sure that you develop an app that downloads quickly and updates easily, otherwise no one will want to use it. People aren’t exactly known for having high levels of patience in 2016.

Agile development is based on the principle of working swiftly through close collaboration between the app developers and designers as well as the client and end users. This method of project management ensures the ability to move with ease and speed, plan short sprints, and work closely with your team to reassess features and adapt to new plans frequently.

Agile development helps simplify the entire app development process. It focuses on key aspects of the process, including flexible planning, constant evaluation, customer involvement, and risk management. These principles culminate to result in the efficient and effective creation of highly adaptable apps that remain so well after they’re released. Let’s take a closer look into how to use agile to make an app that will win-over the users.

Utilize the Newest Tools and Technologies

You and your team should always be on the lookout for new tools and technologies that will help your app remain innovative and unique. Use new technologies that will help your app remain engaging and provide the best sensory experience. From using sophisticated audio effects to incorporating elements of vibration and texture into the touch aspects of your app, there are several types of tools and software available to help raise your app to the next level, whether you’re into gaming or e-commerce.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

How To Use Agile To Make An App That Will Win-Over The Users

One of the main aspects of using the agile development process is working closely with your team to collaborate on different parts of the design and development process. Remember about using friendly UX tools, like those offered by Realtime Board. This is a great platform that incorporates a number of these tools, which will help your team collect important references and work together to develop creative user story maps that outline the customer’s journey through your app.

This visual collaboration platform is very simple to use and will also help you with creating wireframes and receiving feedback on your visuals. You can conduct brainstorming sessions and research, design site maps, mind maps, and user flows, and share information with team members easily, using email and URL links.

Overcome Testing Obstacles

When you have a couple of different design ideas for a web page, the easiest and most efficient way to see which one performs better is to conduct A/B testing. These tests are run by showing similar visitors two variants of the site simultaneously. Whichever page gives a better conversion rate is the better page to use. While these tests are tried and true in the world of web design, there are a number of obstacles that you need to overcome in order to run them during the app design process.

In order to run A/B tests on your app design variants, you must consider how many users have actually updated the app to see the difference. You may also run into issues with fixing bugs in your app, especially if the bugs exist on the client’s end. The agile development process helps you overcome these obstacles easily. If you follow the agile principles from the very beginning of your app design process, you will have built a reliable framework with a good balance between client and server load. There are also plenty of good services available today that can help you achieve effective mobile A/B testing.

Boost Your Revenue

The app development process can never be complete without developing a solid monetization strategy. If you miss this step, you’ll have a difficult time getting your app out there and earning revenue with all the competition in the market today. You can boost your revenue with app monetization platform like Appnext. This platform will connect you with top app advertisers, help you close more direct deals, and provide you with the tools you need to earn more each time your app is installed.