How To Use Your Instagram Likes For Better Branding and Sales

With over 500 million active users monthly, Instagram provides a platform to improve your brand recognition and visibility. It is also ideal for lead generation. 70% of Instagram users report having used it to look up a brand. While Instagram prohibits direct advertising on posts, it is easy to promote your business by being creative in setting up your Instagram account and how you do your posts. These are some of the tips you can use to have Instagram work for your business.

  1. Optimize your account

While Instagram is great to showing off your trips to Thailand and your new toys, it is good to optimize your account for business. This means doing posts that are away from your personal life.  You could also set up a separate account.  Choose a name that is close to your business name and have a profile photo of your logo.

Have a clickable link on your profile leading to a landing page or online shop.  Make your bio interesting and hooking to encourage your followers click on your link. After your account is all set, turn to growing your audience. You can buy Instagram likes to increase your follower quickly, and hook them with interesting content.

  1. Create quality content

Instagram is a visual platform so growing your audience revolves around making visually captivating posts. Having high quality photos and videos is the first step in attracting more attention.  Remember that content is king, so if your photos are bland and boring marketing pics, few people will look at them.

Let your posts tell your business stories. Show people doing interesting stuff with your products. Show the happy people in your business.

Use the tens of available IG tools to make your photos captivating. Keep your posts on a consistent theme.

  1. Stay engaged

Engagement is the key to keep your IG followers coming back and continuously double tapping.   IG is gives more posts with higher visibility which means that your posts will be seen by more people when you receive comments, comment back, like back.

Create conversations around your posts. This will grow your brand visibility and recognition.  Show interest in what your customers are saying by asking those questions and showing that you care about their concerns connected to your business. If a customer makes a complaint on IG, lead them on to info that can help them raise a ticket on your site.

Instagram is a great social platform for building your brand and staying engaged with your current and social customers. Stay trendy and grow your sales on it.