Is it Easy to Generate Leads on Social Media?

Social media has fast become one of the most popular methods of digital marketing and it’s become much more than just another way to grow your brand.  A well designed and expertly executed social media marketing campaign is a great way to effectively connect with your customers, boost brand awareness and turn leads into an all-important sale.

However, keeping this in mind, it’s vitally important that your digital marketing campaign, in particular your social media marketing is carried out correctly with in-depth preparation and meticulous planning in order to have the desired effect.

A brief history of social media

Although social media is relatively new in today’s digital revolution, it may seem a bit premature to discuss its history.  However social media has evolved tremendously over its short period of existence. Social media continues to grow at a rapid rate as a third of the world’s population are now active users of social networks.

With the advent of HTML in 1991 the world of instant interactive communication has never been the same.  This fast pace of evolution shows no sign of slowing down and is most probably set to speed up!

Social media’s impact on business marketing

Because social media networks have literally transformed the interaction and communication in the business world, it’s crucial that your business learns how to make the most of this phenomenon which will undoubtedly improve lead generation.  It’s a good idea to complete a digital marketing course to get up to speed on the many aspects of digital marketing on social media and learn how to use social media to generate leads through gaining online popularity.

However, in order to use social media to your distinct advantage there are a few issues for business to contend with as this is a relatively new tool that companies of all sizes must learn how to use it effectively and cost efficiently.  Business needs to keep in mind that as quickly as a brand can be boosted, it can also be tarnished.  Therefore, brand reputation has become a very important point to keep in mind when using social media to generate leads through marketing efforts.

Smart lead generation

While social media is an easily accessible way to present your company online, the key to generating leads is to be smart about every one of your social media posts.  Around eighty percent of business use social media to promote their business and this medium has become the most popular digital marketing tactic available.

However, generating leads from mere posts on the social media networks has become a tricky affair comprising of many challenges.  Time spent on social media to generate leads is a good option but there are many aspects to keep in mind to execute a successful lead generation campaign.

Tips and techniques

When it comes to generating leads on social media networks there are quite a few tried and tested techniques.  When a digital marketing campaign is skilfully carried out the benefits to a company’s lead generation goals are massive.

Here are a few ways to boost lead generation via the social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

  • Competitions –It’s a fact – people love winning prizes. Running even a small competition on your social media platforms is a good way of gaining interest which then can be followed up to turn into leads.
  • Live video –We know that images and video content gain more traction on social media than text, but now it’s gone one step further with hosting a live video. This form of interaction gains a lot more engagement than any other.
  • Paid per click advertising –PPC (paid per click) advertising is a cost effective way to gain massive exposure on the social media platforms. If monitored correctly PPC is a great way to go when running a couple of low-key digital marketing campaigns.
  • Audience targeting – Spend some time on segmenting your target audience.


One of the main points to keep in mind when building your digital marketing strategy to generate leads is that it does take time.  The most important point you can remember is to decide what works for your business through trial and error.