Make Your Menu Special

With so much competition in the hospitality industry, immaculate menu presentation sets your business ahead of the rest. From the local community cafe to the elegant restaurant, every menu is unique. Present a menu in an appealing fashion that matches your vision for your establishment when you choose a classy or quirky menu board.

An Entertaining Menu Improves Business

An outdoor menu board or tariff board in the window is one of the first things potential customers see when they approach a restaurant or cafe. Many restaurants also attach photos of their menus to online review sites. The value of these first impressions cannot be overstated.

Half of any hospitality establishment’s success regards the quality and value-for-money of its food and drinks. Atmosphere determines the other half of its success. A menu displays the selection of products on offer, so an effective menu must also show what a patron can expect from the environment of an establishment as well.

A customisable, reusable blackboard or erasable menu board gives management the opportunity to add a truly personal touch. The Internet is filled with witty chalk menu boards. With a sense of humour and a personal touch, a menu board can help your business go viral.

Make Your Menu Special

Choosing the Right Menu Board

A variety of menu boards are available to suit every business’s needs. The same establishment that uses the chalk menu board to attract clientele is probably not the sort of establishment that will use a classic vivella menu board to display its wine. Instead, a community eatery might opt for the more down-to-earth real wood menu board or clipboard menu. To decide what menu board you need for a coffee shop or restaurant, you must consider your budget and decide what sort of impression you want to create.

A wooden, earthy aesthetic is popular with many family friendly eateries. Consider a digital wood menu board made from engraved plywood with a digitally printed pattern. Digital printing enables a business owner to order menu boards online and receive a menu printed with any artwork of its choice. This is a great way to show off your business logo! Laser cutting and engraving technology makes creating a menu easy and cost effective. A die cut printed menu board has more customisation options and can even be cut into the shape of your choosing.

Vineyards and upscale restaurants might prefer a more traditional menu option, such as a recycled leather or buckram menu board.  Buckram menu boards are available in easel form, great for use on table tops and at bars, and in one-sided form, perfect for wine and dessert menus. When a business owner purchases a menu board, they have the option to customise the back with their own artwork or logo, making it truly personalised.

Along with great staff, good menu presentation can set your business ahead of the rest. Whether you’re thinking of updating your menu or creating an entirely new one, remember that any menu board can be attractive, quality, and cost effective.